Rhode island's new license plates are on display.

Biggest little state waves off bold, goes for subtle – not so for most states

The new Rhode Island license plate will be one of the five you see here.

Submitted designs by Rhode Islanders were whittled down from over 900 to these five by an internal committee at the RI Department of Motor Vehicles. Now, YOU can vote – you have two weeks to vote for your choice to replace the “wave” plate. Go here to vote:

Warning! You’ll be very, very sure of your choice – and looking twice you might change it – so take your time! It’s a natural tendency to look close at designs, like in an art gallery – but no one will view these plates up that close – so take a step back and see what they look like from a distance. Because that’s how people will view our new – subtle – designs. When we looked at the plates this way, we changed our vote.

The plates will be made out of state until the correctional facilities in Rhode Island get the equipment to make the new digital-reads. The new plates have twice the reflectivity of the existing plate, and the plate itself is designed completely flat with a debossed area.

Plates will be replaced on a rolling basis, as registration times come around for individuals. They will be mailed direct from the company.

Costs to produce and mail the new plates are approximately $12 – offset by $8 fees – costing the state approximately $4.00.

So – excited or not – make your selection today!

Gov. McKee said they may release the designer’s name/s in the future.

Other NEW, digital-read plates around the U.S. – and why can’t we have pretty colors?

Waving good-bye to the Rhode Island wave – one bold statement, one loved by – almost everyone… not an easy thing to have happen in our biggest little state of a million voices and opinions:

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