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Nov 15 2020

“Giving Beyond the Box” Launches Hope Strikes Back Box

New social enterprise aims to carry on RI’s history of doing good, here and beyond October saw the virtual launch ...

Nov 8 2020

TOP STORY: “We are not enslaved – there are not chains on my arms” – Meeting Bradley Souffrant

by Nancy Thomas Top Story: We feature the top story of the week. This week it was our profile interview ...

Nov 3 2020

“We are not enslaved – there are not chains on my arms” – Meeting Bradley Souffrant

By Nancy Thomas He’s complicated. That’s a white person’s description. You might recognize him as the young man on the ...

Sep 21 2020

“Every now and then it helps to be a little deaf,” RBG

by Nancy Thomas Sunday's always a day for catch-up. Cats curled up. Some nice sweet thing to eat, not the ...

Sep 13 2020

Veteran’s mural sparks educable moments at URI. Or not…

by Nancy Thomas "We find that it is not a new scene which is needed, but a new viewpoint.” - ...

Aug 26 2020

Weiss gets endorsements for 15th District State Senate Primary featured writer on aging makes run for State Senate Herb Weiss today announced major endorsements of his candidacy for ...

Aug 6 2020

National Portuguese group speaks out on “discriminatory action against the Portuguese people of RI”

Attempts to remove Portuguese people from the Rhode Island MBE List - Minority Business Enterprise - has gotten the attention ...

Aug 3 2020

TOP STORY: Back-to-school. Another time, another pandemic in Rhode Island

This story, was the top story read in the last week, with the exception of our almost-daily Coronavirus Updates. As ...

Jul 31 2020

What could school look like?

by Nancy Thomas, publisher What will school look like?  What is safe? How will we protect older teachers and staff? ...

Jul 29 2020

We remember….Olivia

by Nancy Thomas, publisher A week ago, Rhode Island lost Olivia Chacon. Olivia was a caregiver. Not only in her ...