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ART! 3 Artists at Providence Art Club. Artists’ Talk TODAY

See the new work of artists Nancy Gaucher-Thomas – David Witbeck & Del-Bourree Bach at the Providence Art Club from now until May 31st.

And – TONIGHT – attend the Artists Talk, “How and Why We Do What We Do” in the Maxwell Mays Gallery at the Providence Art Club – Tuesday, May 21st at 2:00pm.

Please join the artists for an informal artist talk when they will share information about artistic practice and the latest body of work that will be on exhibit.

About Nancy Gaucher-Thomas

The process of painting is much more than recording the obvious. Simply put, my work is my personal interaction with and visual interpretation of a person or thing. The goal of which is to push past the surface of materials and technique used in the process of creating, in an effort to convey a personal vision. More than technique, it is how we as artists, interpret our own personal vision through our medium that elevates an ordinary subject into a work of art, one that resonates long after. I feel strongly in the versatility and flexibility of the medium and go to great lengths to push the medium in directions that may not be considered characteristic to traditional watercolor.

About the Providence Art Club

Founded in 1880, the Providence Art Club has long been a place for our artists and patrons of the arts to create, congregate, display and circulate works of art. Located on historic College Hill, the Art Club is housed in a picturesque procession of historic buildings, home to our clubhouse, studios and galleries. Through its ongoing exhibits, programs, art classes and other activities, the Providence Art Club continues a welcoming tradition of sponsoring and supporting the visual arts.

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