ART! Oil paintings by Janet Alling at HopeHealth offer beauty, joy, comfort for all

by Nancy Thomas

Photo: Summer Vacation #2, 2014 oil on llinen, 24 x 36″m Janet Alling

With flora as subject matter and through aesthetic explorations Alling says she conveys the importance of balancing many elements to create a harmonious whole.  “Plants/flora are inherently beautiful, in classic or strange ways.  I find there is no need to go beyond beauty, which some artists believe.  My feet are planted on this earth and I think of these aims to create harmony as metaphors—goals of what humanity could aim for, domestically, nationally and worldwide.” 

— Janet Alling February, 2020

The eye rests on the beautiful, bright, colorful images of nature, producing an immediate calming yet delightful reaction in the viewer. No squinting to discover hidden meanings nor commentary on disturbing world trends, Alling’s work harkens back to the joy inherent when going to an art exhibit. And we applaud Alling’s approach. Take a walk through her garden, leave refreshed by nature’s embellished presence.

“Art can have a powerful and positive impact on one’s well being, emotions, attitudes and beliefs,” says Diana Franchitto, president & CEO of HopeHealth Hospice & Palliative Care. 

“All of us at HopeHealth continue to enjoy the eclectic works of art that our collaboration with Public Art Works allows us to view and appreciate.”

The exhibit is now open to view at HopeHealth’s art gallery in Providence, 1085 N Main St.

About Public Art Works

We are artists, educators, consultants and arts professionals. Nancy Gaucher-Thomas, Merle Mainelli Poulton and Kenn Speiser are Public Art Works, a collaboration of artists working with non profits and similar organizations to bring art into public space. Making art accessible through public and private partnerships is just one of the objectives that makes Public Art Works an important entity in the promotion of art in public space. Public Art Works (PAW), began working with HopeHealth Hospice & Palliative Care in 2009. HopeHealth began with a vision for their location on North Main in Providence that included artwork by artists from throughout the region. We are fortunate for their commitment to the community and the arts.

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