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A Reading From Pat – It’s August 1, 2019

How about that “Living Bucket List”?

A Reading From Pat – It’s August 1, 2019

by Pat Glynn-Olson

Hello everyone, can you BREATHE now? For the past month I have listened and read that so many of you experienced a horrible month due to Mercury in Retrograde, as well as the 5 planets also in Retrograde.

Well, Mercury has left the building! Let’s all give a big HURRAY! It has been a brutal one this time around; I believe for everyone. Last month I did warn everyone to learn the word, REBOUND, but not sure that even came close to covering it. But now we are on the other side of it, we made it through, so take a huge deep breath and exhale because better times are ahead for all of us.

Little Rhody seems to be heading for lots of changes as I have been sharing now for a few months. I believe changes in power, which can happen in a blink of an eye, not just by the act of voters! So, keep that in mind as well. I am concerned about a big weather issue mid-to-late August for Rhode Island’s coast line. I am also feeling something is upcoming about the National Guard in the smallest state of our Union. Could be some shifting around there as well.

Feels like a great medical breakthrough will be happening, and that we should all be hearing about it in the next several weeks – that will have huge effects on millions of lives…long overdue.

So many have struggled with love over the last several months, but my guides are telling me that there is a large window being given to us that is opening to allow love to flourish (the Universe is not happy with the way our world is going in this area! So, they want to help all of us).

TRUST is an issue in the world not just in love relationships. If we all learn to take TRUST one day at a time, learn not to script out our relationships with huge expectations, our lives would go so much smoother. We all have to remember there is no perfect person, but there are perfect loves – which means, two imperfect people making up a perfect relationship, that works perfectly for them. May not be perfect for you, or you….but perfect for them. None of us are the same, so what works for me, will not work for you. We are all unique, individual spirits here to learn different lessons. It takes a special match to be able to work with each of us to help us through our own issues and us with theirs. Quirks to one, are huge flaws to someone else. Otherwise we would all fall in love with the same people. Whew, now that would be a nightmare! (HaHa)

Over the next three to four months please expect to see a tremendous amount of change within your own life. Realizing we had the eclipse in July, which is part of the shift toward long lasting effects. Change what you must to make your life go forward, not standing still, or in the past. The shift is going to force you forward, no matter if it’s willingly – or unwillingly. So, when it comes to the Universe getting what it wants…I always side with them because it is without a doubt the easier way!

The turbulence that you went through in July, due to Mercury in Retrograde, the lessons put in to your life, please finish them. Learn what you were directed to, otherwise it will come back again and again.

Our next retrograde is late fall and you really do not want to deal with that garbage again, during the middle of the holidays, now do you? Clean up your messes as quickly as possible to erase them off your lesson list.

As we all should have a, ‘LIVING BUCKET LIST’, I now believe we should all start a ‘LIVING LESSON LIST’!

A list of lessons that we know we should be working on, perhaps some harder than others, but none the less, ones that need to be learned before our journey here is over. Why carry them forward with the karma of them as well, into the next life? Once we focus energy on them, I believe you will find them a lot simpler to solve and resolve than expected.

If someone you believe owes you an apology and that is in your craw, and you know that will never come, be that the person has passed, or is old, etc, then look in the mirror and GIVE TO YOURSELF THE APOLOGY FROM THAT PERSON. In that person’s heart they would give it, but their pride is in their way. You will find that out on the other side. So, take that burden off your heart, and give yourself their apology. It honestly does take the weight off your emotional heart. If you need more information on the ins and outs of that process, write to me at my email address and I will be happy to explain it.

So, as we begin the second half of our very hot summer, please remember to BREATHE – MEDITATE – BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER – LOVE FREELY and do your ‘LIVING LESSON LIST’.

Blessings to each of you.

Pat Glynn-Olson

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