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3 Ways the Internet Can’t Replace Realtors

By Jade Figueroa and Emilio DiSpirito of the DiSpirito Team 

( is pleased to announce a NEW feature – on Real Estate.  Writing will be Emilio DiSpirito and Jade Figueroa from the DiSpirito Team – welcome, and thank  you, Emilio!)

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore. Virtual tours, livestreams, speedy online transactions; real estate has gone high-tech. Whether you’re a baby boomer, Gen X, or Millennial, technology has compromised all of our lives in different ways, especially when it comes to buying or selling your home. Because of this, millennials and first-time homebuyers are being targeted.

According to Zillow“nine out of ten millennial home buyers use the internet to educate themselves about the home buying process”.

Today, with a tap of a button an infinite amount of information is at ones’ disposal. Homebuyers now embark on their property search online and with millennials being the largest generation of homebuyers at 37% and 65% being first time homebuyers. They are starting to get better jobs, grow older, start families, and take out higher mortgages. Online marketing, google ads, Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, REALTORS, etc. are using it to their advantage. Why should real estate professionals be worried?

Can the internet replace people? No.

1.    Education – Be Prepared

MLS? Home equity? Appraisal? Pre-approval?

Everyone seems to deem themselves as some sort of expert and all-knowing because of searching through the internet or reading a blog. Now you can find local listings near you and schedule appointments without stepping foot in the home.

You need to have conversations. “There are approximately 185 steps for selling and 175 steps for buying,” said Team Leader of the DiSpirito Team of HomeSmart Professionals Emilio DiSpirito, “there are approx. 52 people involved in a single transaction.” Can you keep track of that? It’s a full-time job.

2.    Accessibility – One on One

Who is going to write a contract? Fill out a disclosure? Help stage your home? Who are you connected to that can give you the necessary tools to get your house either on or off the market as soon as possible?

Real estate professionals, especially realtors are connected to everyone. It is literally their job to know everything and anything on how and who to help you. Professional photographers, mortgage brokers, attorneys, banks, inspectors, and so on.

 “There’s a human element to buying and selling a home that can’t be replaced” said 2017 President of The National Association of Realtors Bill brown.

Don’t be another NUMBER. Real estate sites up-to-date technology allows you to browse and inquire at any time, making it seem 100% available at your disposal. But, in reality there are about 36 million other homebuyers being assisted as well.

Who are you going to call as an out-of-state seller when your property alarm goes off? Who are you going to call when your basement is flooding right before an open house? Your automated technology platform?

Real estate agents are meant to do the legwork for you and with technology advancing, they have learned to stay in the game. Using tech can also help agents ease the stress of home-buying for their clients; it can actually allow agents to do their business better. Homebuyers and those looking to sell their home have access to virtual tours, online calendars, and user-friendly websites.

3.    Affordability – Don’t DIY Your Homebuying Experience

Selling and buying can be very emotional. Realtors are more than just salespeople; they spend their own time and money throughout the whole transaction and do not get paid until you do. They work day and night without the possibility of a reward at the end.

The average for sale by owner sold at 13% less when comparing to the realtor assisted sale.

You could save. Not just money, but time, tears, sweat, and unexpected surprises. Real estate agents know market, which will keep you from pricing your home too high or too low which could cost you THOUSANDS.

Use technology to get genuine, reliable, and interactive help. A real estate agent will usually sell your house for much more money than you did on your own. The internet helps things, but does not replace the actual experience, professionalism, and trust.

The Bottom Line

Are real estate professionals still relevant? Yes.

Today, homebuyers believe they don’t need a real estate professional on most occasions until they are truly serious about purchasing a home.

Do you know the market? Do you enjoy paperwork? How are your negotiating skills?

Realtors aren’t just agents, they are professionals that are licensed and trained to do this kinda thing. Leave the job to the professionals. Technology has been a wonderful addition to the real estate industry, but it has not and will not replace the real estate agent. 

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About Emilio:

If you would have asked me what I wanted to be growing up, little Emilio would have told you “an archeologist” or “an architect”, despite the fact that at age 8 I had my first lemonade stand, landscaping business and was recording my first “news show” on my boombox! 

I never was good at trigonometry and could not see myself traveling for months or possibly years at a time; becoming an architect or archaeologist clearly did not happen! Fast forward 26 years later, I’m running a team of the finest residential real estate professionals, own a media company and host my very own radio news show about real estate!

In September of 2017, I married my best friend, Jaclynn. Together, we have two wonderful children, Destinee and Emilio V, as well as, 3 goofy dogs all in lovely Rhode Island. Jaclynn owns a high-end hair salon in addition to an on-location hair and makeup business!

For 7 years straight, it seemed that I had put in more hours than the day had to give on my real estate business. 7 days a week, 14 to 16 hour days, without a break! My friends and family did not understand the sheer magnitude of moving parts and services we offer to our clients during a transaction! 

Why? One slip up or one missed call could mean make or break for someone’s dream home or even a lost deposit! Running a team of like-minded, highly qualified and capable professionals has allowed me to offer a very streamlined, simplified and efficient approach to the sales process for our clients and allows me to earn personal time again with my family while not missing a beat for my clients!

When I’m not working, I’m with my family, riding my mountain bike, eating at a number of local restaurants, enjoying live entertainment, hiking, skiing or reading!

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