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8th Annual RI VIRTUAL Author Expo – TODAY!

Discover a Rhode Island Author

Photo: Christine DePetrillo will speak about her book, Wolf Kiss

The 8th Annual Rhode Island Author Expo will be a virtual experience this year. Multiple panels will be available so yo can meet some of your favorite authors for the comfort of your own home.

The Association of Rhode Island Authors is proud to announce that the Rhode Island Author Expo will be going virtual this year.

The Expo committee has been working hard to learn what needs to be done to put on a free virtual event.

The Rhode Island Author Expo website has been updated with a registration button, panel schedule and participating authors.

The event will be running from 10 AM – 5 PM and will be held on Zoom.

There are author panels just like in years past along with keynote speakers and this year we’re trying something different with an author kaffeeklatsch, a nice intimate setting to sit down and talk to one of our many local authors.

Read more about the registered authors, here:

We hope to see you at the Expo today!

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