5 Design Flaws in Your Home that will send buyers running!

By Emilio DiSpirito, Team Leader/Realtor of the DiSpirito Team with HomeSmart Professionals

Having walked several hundred buyers through homes here in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts, my team and I have a solid pulse on what gets buyers excited and what turns them off. Part of getting the highest value with a reasonable time is going to be the overall condition of your home and if buyers are willing to do the work needed for price your property is listed at.

Homeowners are advised to take the blinders off when looking at their home, in order to see the optimum results they are expecting. In some cases, it’s not so easy for homeowners to see their home from a fresh set of eyes and the ones who are reluctant to do so, almost always come up short.

Does your home have any of the following situations? If so, you may want to discuss the return on investment for making modifications, or not, with a qualified local Realtor.

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Design Flaw 1: Painted tile and grout!

Instead of installing new tile, we have seen homeowners slap a thick coat of enamel over kitchen and or bathroom tiles and the grout. Nothing screams “coverup” more than this! Buyers continue the rest of the tour looking for other flawed DIY projects!

Design Flaw 2: Titled kitchen counters!

Take me back to the 80’s and 90’s! It amazes us that people chose to still “renovate” their kitchen with such a shoddy look. Do yourself a favor and invest an extra couple of grand when installing counter tops on slabs of granite, stone or even a Formica countertop, before adding such a value detractor.

Design Flaw 3: Variation of flooring within sight!

You may now be saying that we are being overboard here… Well, when is the last time you walked into someone else’s home to see hardwoods, linoleum, dated tile, and bamboo floors all meeting like the four corners of NV, NM, UT, CO, and complimented them on that? Probably never. Buyers don’t either. They look at this as a huge cost factor.

Design Flaw 4: Too much clutter!

Often times decluttering will alleviate so many issues when placing a home on the market. Clutter in nearly all cases will turn buyers off and send them running for the hills. Most people have trouble seeing the space for what it is when there are piles of trash, laundry all over the floor, the home is disorganized, or there are too many pieces of furniture or nick-nacks throughout! Buyers get stressed out and seeing as people buy their home on a feeling, first impressions matter. Store, donate or trash the clutter.

Design Flaw 5: Bad odor!

Yes, we know odor is NOT a design, however it’s one of the 7 horrible turn offs for buyers!! People experience so much with their senses at any given moment and a smelly home is a home that sits. When buyers are grabbing their nose and rushing through your home, you can imagine they may be missing many of the features that could intrigue them or persuade them to move forward! Often times, we know sellers are unable to smell their own home and we suggest that they invite friends or families to give it the “smell test” before hitting the market. Most always, it can be remedied.

BONUS Design Flaw 6: The WRONG paint colors!

Paint has one of the largest impacts on a room outside of flooring! Paint can legit make or break a space! The right color will allow for the room to show its details, size, and a trending color will allow buyers to connect with your home, leaving them the feeling that your home does not need a lot of work.

There are an endless number of things an existing home may need to be done to achieve optimum results on market! We suggest you connect with a top local listing agent who can guide you through, supply you with reputable contractors and or ideas to get items completed at the lowest cost with the highest return on investment!

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Emilio DiSpirito

If you would have asked me what I wanted to be growing up, little Emilio would have told you “an archeologist” or “an architect” despite the fact that at age 8 I had my first lemonade stand, landscaping business and was recording my first “news show” on my boombox!  Well, I never was much good at trigonometry and did could not see myself traveling for months and possibly years at a time, so becoming an architect or archaeologist clearly did not happen!

Fast forward 26 years later and I’m running a team of the finest residential real estate professionals, own a media company and host my very own radio news show about real estate!

In September of 2017, I married my best friend, Jaclynn, and we have two wonderful children, Destinee and Emilio, V.  We have 3 dogs, one of which is a rescue and live in lovely Rhode Island. Jaclynn owns a high-end hair salon in addition to an on-location hair and makeup business!

For 7 years straight it seemed that I had put in more hours than the day had to give on my real estate business. 7 days a week, 14 to 16 hour days, without a break! Why? My friends and family did not understand the sheer magnitude of moving parts and services we offer to our clients during a transaction! One slip up or one missed call could mean make or break for someone’s dream home or even a lost deposit!

Running a team of like-minded, highly qualified and capable professionals has allowed me to offer a very streamlined, simplified and efficient approach to the sales process for our clients and allowed me to earn personal time again with my family while not missing a beat for my clients!

When I’m not working, I’m with my family, riding my mountain bike, eating at a number of local restaurants, enjoying live entertainment, hiking, skiing or reading!


  1. Kendra Chatterley on November 11, 2020 at 2:15 pm

    Emilio and Team, Great recap for aesthetic issues coming to market. Always happy to offer assistance to you and clients to help find success in every listing! – Kendra Chatterley – Owner of Rise Interiors, llc