Your Coronavirus Update Today – June 4, 2020

Photo: Pakistan Army meeting – “Discipline is the soul of the Pakistan Army” says their leadership.


Old-school games such as jigsaw puzzles, chess and backgammon are being bought in great numbers.

Accessory dwelling units – or, a tiny home, placed in one’s backyard are all in demand as more people work from home.

In India, the government is working to protect everyone over 60 as well as pregnant women the two groups will be asked to stay at home only since there is prevalence of local transmission in rural areas.

Senators voted 51-40 to confirm Brian D. Miller, who works in the White House counsel’s office, as the first special inspector general for pandemic relief.

Acknowledging the high death and infection toll of Sweden as compared to surrounding countries, the country’s epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell said, “If we were to encounter the same disease again, knowing exactly what we know about it today, I think we would settle on doing something in between what Sweden did and what the rest of the world has done.”

Paris is the first European country to launch a low frequency Bluetooth tracing app for the coronavirus, developed by start-up Nouveal e-santé.

New Hampshire is setting up a committee to study safety in long-term care facilities in light of the coronavirus pandemic. It has the support of a state legislative committee.


Electronic signs warned travelers to two of the world’s largest casinos about COVID-19 on Monday, the first day they partially reopened to the general public over the governor’s objections. Four portable signs installed by the state Department of Transportation near Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun flashed “Avoid Large Crowds, Don’t Gamble With COVID.”

At TF Green, several airlines have returned – Southwest, American and Allegiant Air – Jet Blue and Delta still not back. 182,000 masks will be available from FEMA for passengers to wear

VERMONT Montpelier: A new task force will look for ways to promote racial, ethnic and cultural equity in the state, including the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Newport Preservation Society laying off 70% of their workforce, with no tours going on for the summer.

Newport City Council approves mandatory face masks for residents to wear when outside in public. Non-compliance could result in a fine

Boston adds $5M to rent relief fund

Central Falls lays off 42 school workers

ICE Detainees at Wyatt Detention Center are being released on bail at the determination of a judge if their lives are seen to be at risk. 5 were released yesterday with 3 or more set for today. Bail hearings will continue.

Many of our families have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and some of our Hawks are in danger of not being able to stay at our beloved school. We are establishing the Hendricken COVID-19 Emergency Fund for existing students:

The Rhode Island Manufacturers Association has obtained 40,000 face masks and 10,000 two ounce bottles of hand sanitizer. Lt. Gov. McKee wants the small business community to contact RIMA if they are in need, at 751-0160. PPE is also available.

RI Governor’s address:

Data is still strongly on the decline, but we need to remain vigilant.

Just over 100 cases – we are seeing a plateau.

Deaths: 10 – 2 in 70s, 2 in 80s, 6 in 90s.

Economics: Deficit is $800 million. Hard to see how to close that gap without additional federal stimulus – congress seems poised to do so. Should know by end of June – then we can “really get to work balancing the budget”. In the meantime, furloughing state workers is not something Gov. wants to do – so a voluntary work-sharing program is being proposed. It will delay layoffs and furloughs, until aid is known. Encouraging as many eligible employees to participate as possible. Asking other branches of government to consider using this option to cut their costs immediately. TY to state employees for their service, and Gov. strongly encourages them to sign up and take advantage of the program which will help the state.  Looking for 25-50% – about 8,000 employees. ½ will be eligible. Like to see 1-2,000 employees. If we get 25% participation that’s $5 million savings. 40% reduction in hours. Receive 3 days salary and get unemployment for 2 days – and $600 additional through July. 12 week program 6/15-9/6 – Lower paid employees they will make more for ½ that time. How significant is the $5M in savings? Good start while we wait for news about federal money. Other ideas? No way to balance budget without federal aid. RI Legislators can take advantage of this, too.

Contact Tracing & App: Explaining some app features:

Crush Covid RI App is optional at all times. Use it with or without the location diary. Privacy and data protection is #1 goal. App will not collect identifying info – no name, birthday, address, etc. Data won’t be stored. App has nothing to do with contacts in your phone. Contact tracing has nothing to do with contacts in your phone. If you use the location diary: you can turn it on or off – tracks locations where you have been, but not people you have been with. That’s why you still need to keep your notebook.

Protests: Concerned about possible outbreak. Protests should be allowed to occur so people can participate in democracy and advocate for change. But, doesn’t mean we can forget about the virus. RIDOH staff – as volunteers – will be present at peaceful protests to provide information about the virus to attendees, distribute free masks. If you live with someone who is older, or who has an underlying health condition “I urge you to exercise extreme caution” on behalf of your loved one – or someone you work with who is older or sick – etc.  Governor said she would like to be there, but also advocating no groups larger than 15. Maybe she will attend, not sure – “it’s a tough one”.

Violence: Last night it was a peaceful night because we were prepared. TY to RI State Police, local police, and RI National Guard. Professionalism and seriousness of their operations was totally inspiring to me as the leader of these groups – I am in awe. We are as vigilant as possible and we will use whatever resources and means are at our disposal to keep us safe. There are attacks being planned all around the country, but we are going to be prepared. TY to all who are helping. President signed extension through 8/21 on use of the National Guard.

Businesses impacted: CommerceRI is helping businesses recover from damages. “It is heart-breaking to go on these walks…” at small businesses and see theft, destruction, grafitti, etc. These are businesses that have been closed for months. You see the COVID plan in the room. We want to support these businesses.

To peaceful protestors: Stay at it, God bless you, keep at it.

Visitation outdoors with nursing homes: MA plans do not change RI’s. Even though RI is doing better. Almost 80% of deaths have been in nursing homes. Struggling with infection control. Employees are afraid. “I know this will cause greater loss of life, for sure, if we go with that”.

This nine year old entrepreneur received his country’s President’s Award for innovation in treating the coronavirus pandemic in Kenya.

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