Your Coronavirus Update – Today, Aug. 7, 2020

Photo: RI, for now, is identified as a quarantine state with all surrounding states.


Clorox can’t keep up with the demand for its products and shortages will continue

Moderna is anticipating enrolling all 30,000 volunteers into its Phase 3 vaccine trial by September

President Trump will sign a “Buy American” executive order, directing the federal government to buy certain drugs solely from American factories, said to have “seismic impact on the drug industry.

A large drop in healthcare utilization among Aetna members has bolstered CVS Health’s bottom line for their 2nd quarter.

Governor DeWine of Ohio just tested positive and will be retested.

Teladoc buying Livongo, creating health tech giant.

Moderna is pricing coronavirus vaccine at $32 to $36

Beltway journalism ‘may be even more insular than previously thought, raising concerns about vulnerability to groupthink and blind spots,’

NYC checkers at Penn Station are handing out flyers on what people need to do if they are coming in from a state requiring quarantine – they will ask about what they need – somewhere to stay, food delivery, etc.

LA says it will cut off water and electricity to houses or businesses having large parties.

UConn Football canceled its 2020 season because there was no way to play safely. They’ve had about 8 players test positive – but with 8,000 students coming back to campus, there was no way to play safe, travel, and close contact nature.

Rutgers Football team has 28 players with coronavirus – they have halted the season.

Michigan State Football has halted the season.

Reopening Schools: Georgia – 4 schools with outbreaks of students and a teacher in first 24 hours – parents say conditions were never right to open. Chicago – 400,000 students will return strictly to some form of online learning for now.  Mississippi – 6 students and over 100 quarantined right away.  Florida educators suing the state for requiring in-person teaching options. Hybrid models don’t account for teachers/staff with age and illness concerns.

Fauci reveals he has received death threats and his daughters have been harassed.

New England Patriots – 8 players have opted out

At home fast, cheap tests could enable safer reopening of schools, etc.


Dr. Anthony S. Fauci will join Dr. Ashish K. Jha, incoming dean of Brown University School of Public Health, for a 45-minute online conversation Friday beginning at 1 p.m. The event is free and open to the public, here:

Rhode Island is working on increasing testing capacity to 9,000 a day with a 48 hour or less turnaround.

RI is coming out with a “Playbook”  to open schools today. It is an outline of all the different scenarios that can arise as school opens (what happens if a student tests positive, a staff member, etc., etc.). It will be updated as science changes.

Bryant University has been testing privately since May – the state will roll in their numbers to the total numbers, which is expected to bring down the percent positive rate for RI. $3M campaign to test students more than once a week – and also do daily screening.

The Newport City Council has ended meetings at City Hall and will use ZOOM in the near future.

Pawtucket will offer an in-person learning option, having created a virtual learning program. Teachers will teach live, in a classroom, and students will register, participate daily, and for the full semester. More info at

Block Island Ferry tickets only sold online going forward

Still some confusion about border towns and shopping – going from Pawt to Seekonk or Attleboro, for instance. Seems to be ok and trips “in” to MA need to be 24 hours or longer.

Rapid testing is up and running at the Convention Center, by appointment only, for those who are traveling to a state that wants test proof from RI.

The RI State Police have issued this statement, reinforcing to the public that they are there for notification of LARGE events only and will issue a report for the RI Dept. of Health, and not enforce with a ticket. They have changed the name from “Crush Covid” to the “Large Gathering Task Force Hotline” to report violations of social gathering. Hotline number is 764-5554.

Absentee ballots: At this time, the normally required notary signatures on mail ballots will not be required this year – there should be a ruling within a day or two.

Back to School: Some plans for going back to school are now online – notable items include children at elementary levels not using cubbies and closets, and upper grades not using lockers – carrying all items with them – including coats – in backpacks; splitting of go-to-school days into two blocks (Tues-Thurs/Wed-Fri) with at-home days and Mondays being closed buildings – itinerants rotating in and out of classrooms – lunches being served as “grab and go” – one way hallways and staircases – busing will “need to be reduced” – after school programs will be virtual, etc. – see Cranston’s example, here:

High-Risk/Older Teachers and Staff:  The planning documents have asked school departments to estimate the numbers of people in this category “who are unable to return to the school building”. For instance, in Cranston, there is an estimate of 350 staff over 60. The high-risk response is “without knowing what qualifies as a high risk condition, it is difficult to determine how many staff would be classified as high risk”. It is unclear how non-returning teaching and staff would be compensated.

Gov. Raimondo to parents about schools in statement yesterday: “So I want to be very clear: we are not going to make any Rhode Island parent send their child back to school for in-person learning if they’re not comfortable doing so. The Department of Education is working with school districts to ensure they have plans in place to accommodate students who choose distance learning. I hope that this alleviates some anxiety for families during this incredibly stressful time.”

RI Data:

Deaths: 2 – 3 Day Hospitalization – 82

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