Use of word “lynching” deeply offensive says NAACP-Providence

3,500 black people were “lynched’ in America.

Use of word “lynching” deeply offensive says NAACP-Providence

By James Vincent, President, NAACP-Providence, contributing writer

On behalf of the NAACP Providence Branch, I am deeply offended by President Trump’s use of the word “lynching” to describe the impeachment inquiry process.

The President who some call “The Divider in Chief” seems to never miss an opportunity to insult people of color, in general, but black people, in particular.

He knows that the impeachment process is part of our constitution whereas the despicable act of lynching was a White Supremacist form of domestic terrorism. The NAACP estimates that approximately 3,500 black people were lynched in this country.

Shame on him! The American people deserve better from their Chief Executive.

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