Trinice Holden, new Executive Director of Youth Restoration Project

The Board of the Youth Restoration Project (YRP) has announced the appointment of Trinice Holden as their new Executive Director.  She will take over the day-to-day operations and help to expand the company’s reach, with a focus on managing collaborative projects in various communities. Along with YRP’s regular consultants, her work will include teaching, guiding and supporting diverse organizations’ use of the Restorative protocols to improve their culture and conflict management. “Her passion for adept handling of conflict, big and small, has found a perfect expression with Restorative Justice Practices,” according to the group.

Trinice began working YRP, as a Restorative Justice Conference Facilitator, rising quickly to staff supervisor under YRP’s National Institute of Justice grant, and then became Implementation Manager. This fall she was recruited into the Institute for Non-profit Practices, with a scholarship from the Nellie Mae Foundation. She is a certified Social-Justice mediator and has completed the High-Performance Coaching Academy. Trinice’s extensive work with international students taught her many surprising lessons about becoming competent at working with very different backgrounds. She has managed two for-profit businesses.

Trinice says, “I feel honored to have the opportunity to work toward making an impact on how we treat one another.  One of my favorite African proverbs is: ‘If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ Internationally and over millennia, indigenous people created and have used these practices.”

Julia Steiny, Founder and out-going Director of YRP, says, “We’re incredibly lucky to have recruited someone as organized, smart, warm and diplomatic as Trinice.  I have every faith in her.”

David Kane, President of the Sargent Center, says, “Trinice adds new and different capacities to the on-going affiliation we’ve had with YRP.  We’re proud to host the training series she now leads that gathers people from diverse professions and geographic sectors.  Working with her is a pleasure.”

About Youth Restoration Project (YRP)

Since 2009, the Youth Restoration Project (YRP) has developed and delivered Restorative Justice Practices (RJP) training and implementation to diverse organizations including schools, state agencies, and private businesses. Their grassroots-developed work has issued over 500 certifications to new Practitioners who’ve given glowing reviews to the practical, daily-use skills they learned with YRP. In 2014 YRP and its partners were awarded a National Institute of Justice grant to implement and conduct Restorative Justice conferencing in several RI secondary schools. “Registration for the current training series here.” 

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