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The trauma of Haiti – Aniece Germain offers hope for Haiti from Rhode Island

by Nancy Thomas – and Aniece Germain

We asked Aniece Germain, a member of the Cranston City Council, and the Assistant Director of Hope and Change for Haiti, to tell us more about the terrible conflict happening in her home country of Haiti.

“From a personal standpoint, it is heartbreaking for me when I look at what is happening in Haiti. My father, friends, and other relatives still live there, and they are stressed and traumatized by the situation in the country. Every day, there is a life lost or a kidnapping.  The situation is dire. Although I haven’t gotten back to Haiti since I left in 2009, I still keep a strong connection with my motherland and that is why I have tried my best to give back through the social programs we have developed and run at Hope and Change for Haiti. My heart goes out to all my Haitian fellows who have one way or another impacted by this sociopolitical and humanitarian crisis in Haiti.”

Haiti’s chaos has gotten worse since the assassination of President Jovenel Moise on July 7th, 2021. Gangs that are supplied all types of guns and heavy weapons by dirty oligarchs, and corrupt politicians from the government and the opposition, have taken control of Haiti for the past five years. They have spread terror upon the population and created chaos and fear through crime, sexual violence, and kidnappings for ransom.

Those criminals who operate in all complicity with law enforcement, members of the government, and the opposition united in coalitions to attack and persecute the Haitian population, especially throughout the Metropolitan area. Knowing that Haiti doesn’t manufacture any weapons, those criminals find a way to be supplied and resupplied with all types of guns and bullets while they never leave their slums.

Even with the recent resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry who failed to organize fair and free elections as promised after he took the head of the transition following the heinous assassination of President Moise, it is getting more confusing on how the international community intends to let Haitians choose their leaders or help them to install a new transition and to curtail gangs’ influence and domination in the country.

Haiti currently has no president, no prime minister, no government, no parliament, and no Supreme Court Justice. It’s a real humanitarian crisis where people have fled their neighborhoods, and public administrations, schools, and hospitals, have stopped functioning. Besides being killed by gangs and bandits’ projectiles, the Haitian population has very limited access to basic needs such as food, water, sanitary, and first aid. Nonprofit organizations that sometimes provide humanitarian relief in times of crisis find themselves in a position of blockage by gangs.

This situation has impacted not only the country but everyone who has a tie to Haiti. As a result, many organizations that usually work in Haiti were forced to stop their operations down there due to the level of violence, insecurity, and kidnapping in the country.  We are not exempt. Our organization – Hope for Haiti – has been directly impacted because we can no longer continue our housing, education, and microfinance programs that we have implemented in the region of Nippes since 2016.

Moreover, we have an increase in the arrival of Haitian migrants through the Mexican/US border who need services that we are not equipped to serve here in Rhode Island. 


Germain also provided a statement from the National Haitian American Elected Official Network (NHAEON):

Following the resignation of Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry, the National Haitian American Elected Official Network (NHAEON) reiterates its commitment to respecting Haiti’s sovereignty and self-determination. NHAEON articulates its position on the unfolding political events, emphasizing the importance of Haitian civil society in restoring democratic principles.

NHAEON stands in solidarity with the Haitian people, supporting initiatives for peace and political stability. Recognizing the complexity of holding elections in the current security situation in Haiti, NHAEON acknowledges the challenges and stresses that electoral processes are feasible with a united
commitment from all sectors involved in the temporary transitional council, placing Haiti’s interests first.

NHAEON’s key recommendations for a stronger Haiti include:

Ensuring accountable governance by organizing elections for all political offices, including
presidential and parliamentary positions.

Establishing a consensus-based Conseil Electoral Provisoire (CEP) to organize and oversee the
electoral process.

NHAEON’s calls on the US government and international community to provide essential humanitarian
and economic aid to protect vulnerable Haitians from starvation, kidnapping, and violence.

NHAEON’s reiterates its call to the Biden Administration to:

Promptly confirm the appointment of a Haitian ambassador

Respect Haiti’s sovereignty and right to self-determination

Cease deportations to Haiti

Extend Temporary Protective Status (TPS) and protection under other humanitarian benefits,
including the Humanitarian Reunification Parole Program.

Our hearts are with the people of Haiti, and we stand in solidarity with efforts to restore peace and political stability.


Hope and Change for Haiti

Hope and Change for Haiti is a nonprofit organization operating in Rhode Island – they advocate for women and immigrant rights and promote cultural awareness. In Haiti we invest in community development with a focus on water, housing, and education in the rural of the country.

Aniece Germain and her husband, Dr. Norly Germain, serve as Assistant Executive Director and Executive Director, respectively.

Learn more about this group – HERE. Contact them at: [email protected] – 401-830-4060.



  1. Mikk Dee on March 18, 2024 at 12:28 pm

    Haiti has no chance…years of corruption and fear to punish the criminals has lead to anarchy
    The peace lovers there need to fight the gangs to achieve freedom
    Awful shame
    🙏 for them

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