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The importance of working with a tech enabled real estate advisor in 2023 – Emilio DiSpirito

By Emilio DiSpirito, Real Estate Advisor | Co-owner Engel & Völkers East Greenwich and Engel & Völkers Barrington East Bay

Challenging times in real estate call for creative thinking and innovation. Over the past year, we have witnessed interest rates more than double, housing prices spike, and the affordability of homes become out of reach for a large majority of buyers.

Today, real estate agents are faced with consumers who demand near instant service and results. This can be problematic when a real estate agent is not equipped with the tools, technology, experience and or coaching that will assist in meeting consumer demands.

Too many agents get caught up on listing homes for sale, but forget the most important part, which is service and communication with their clients. Home sellers recently saw their neighbors outdated home sell for over asking with waived inspections, through multiple offers and with fewer than 7 days on market. Today, homes can take several months to sell, and this can become concerning to sellers. A real estate advisor is a seasoned professional who has regular conversations with their clients, outlines what’s happening in the market and shares insights and properly sets their clients expectations to make for a more seamless transaction.

For about 8 years now, I’ve run a small team of “Spartans” and we embrace the power of several pieces of technology that allow for us to deliver near instant service to our clients which is rivaled by teams in which are of quadruple size. All of our clients get the benefits of our highly choreographed yet personalized service through our CRM (customer relationship management). This system will allow an appropriate team member who is available, to reply with templated or customized replies, depending on complexity of the situation. Our virtual assistant is available at all times of the night to respond to inquiries by our clients on homes they would like to see, as well as prospective buyers who wish to view our listings.

When listing homes for sale, our clients want to be sure that they are accurately pricing their home for the market to ensure the largest number of online views which ultimately will translate to foot traffic, aka in-person showings. To ensure precise pricing, we will run two very detailed fair market value reports which offer pricing for the location and condition of the home, in addition, a deep look at market trends which will allow our clients to easily discern how their homes should be positioned and the amount of time it will take to sell in the given marketplace, to sell at the highest possible rate. We then take it a step further and offer an itemized seller net sheet which will portray their bottom line. Understanding ones bottom line is crucial in knowing what the seller(s) will have to put down on another home, be able to live off of or give away.

Before a property is listed for sale, we will privately enter our clients home into a proprietary software which scrubs the databases of approximately 450 of the top selling Realtors from over 100 brokerages, throughout the Americas. This software runs on an algorithm of immense data which allows us to know where your homes buyer is likely to come from, their age, hobbies and lifestyle preferences. This information is used to create sophisticated ad campaigns which target buyers who are likely to purchase your home. In addition, once your home is listed for sale, we will contact the curated group of agents from around the hemisphere and showcase your listing to them and their buyers. This software is currently limited to the use of only two real estate advisors in Rhode Island, Joe Fazio, the managing Broker of Engel & Völkers and me, as the co-owner and sales manager.

The real estate market is about to get extremely competitive for home sellers in 2023. More homes are slated to hit the market with fewer buyers and the scales of balance are pushing heavier for the buyers with each new day. Connecting and hiring a tech enabled real estate advisor is going to provide expedient and optimal results.


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Emilio DiSpirito

If you would have asked me what I wanted to be growing up, little Emilio would have told you “an archeologist” or “an architect” despite the fact that at age 8 I had my first lemonade stand, landscaping business and was recording my first “news show” on my boombox!  Well, I never was much good at trigonometry and did could not see myself traveling for months and possibly years at a time, so becoming an architect or archaeologist clearly did not happen!

Fast forward 26 years later and I’m running a team of the finest residential real estate professionals, own a media company and host my very own radio news show about real estate!

For 7 years straight it seemed that I had put in more hours than the day had to give on my real estate business. 7 days a week, 14 to 16 hour days, without a break! Why? My friends and family did not understand the sheer magnitude of moving parts and services we offer to our clients during a transaction! One slip up or one missed call could mean make or break for someone’s dream home or even a lost deposit!

Running a team of like-minded, highly qualified and capable professionals has allowed me to offer a very streamlined, simplified and efficient approach to the sales process for our clients and allowed me to earn personal time again with my family while not missing a beat for my clients!

When I’m not working, I’m with family and friends, riding my mountain bike, eating at local restaurants, enjoying live entertainment, hiking, skiing or reading!