The good, the bad, and the ugly.

A week in review…8/2/19

The good

Charlestown Festival & Blessing of the Fleet – two events celebrating everything that makes Rhode Island great. Without the focus on alcohol and late hours.

Ocean State Job Lot – kudos for their 2nd round of discounts for education-bound. First for people heading back to college – Second, this week, for educators, including home-schooled, etc. Educators’ discount runs through the 7th of August – go shopping.

Mario Hilario – even Frank Coletta knew that Mario was the one. So do we. A coffee cup salute and an “mmm…” to one professional reporter/anchor who finds the smile in every day – morning news is a delicate balance, especially when the news is not so good.

The bad

Club Seven – a thumbs up by the Board of Licenses for permanently refusing to renew their license was followed quickly by a thumbs down for reversing that decision and giving the license back, with restrictions. Silver lining – the club owners say they have no plans to reopen but will plan on selling. Watch out – what happens when a new owner petitions the Board for a renewal? It’s the Whack-A-Mole game of clubs on Federal Hill.

Media scrum – a tour happened for the new superintendent of Providence schools, with a media scrum in tow – except they were taken to 3 of the best-looking schools – admittedly so. It takes a lot to ruffle WPRO reporter Steve Klamkin, but you could hear him clearly asking when are you going to take us to the schools that need the most work? The mayor said of course they could go – but they have to understand that many of the schools are – pause – work – zones. The pause left the word “work” almost sounding like “war” zones. And from the pictures we’ve seen, it might have been accurate. Everyone – media, officials, teachers, students, the public – be on alert – this should not be your normal PR roundabout.

The ugly.

Providence schools. They stay on the list. Eking our way to the first day of school – just over 30 days away. Tick-tock…

Home safety. Two stories in the recent news. One of a home invasion near Garden City, Cranston, where a man was found hiding in a basement, armed with pepper spray, intent unknown. Home owner hears noise, fetches his licensed gun, goes to the basement, where he is attacked by the intruder. He shoots in self-defense, inflicting an arm injury. Family saved.

Second story: A couple in their East Side, Providence home wakes up to find an intruder in their bedroom, armed with a large kitchen knife, demanding money. The couple pleads with the man, saying there are two children in the house, and the homeowner throws a glass of water at the man, who runs down the stairs, and leaves the house. Another man is seen waiting in the driveway. Sometime later they are caught by police. A glass of water. This might have been an ugly ending.

Know what they teach you about preparing for a fire in your home? Have a plan? Well, it’s time we all have a plan on what we would do. Prevention is everything – home alarm system, a dog, not leaving your door open or your windows unlocked. A personal sound alarm you can leave in your bedroom at night – ear piercing shrieking kind. Going further? A handgun? That’s a personal choice, but more are opting for this possibility. There’s always the defensive weapon under the bed, or pepper spray. These are all part of a full decision process, but this idea that we cannot take steps to protect and defend ourselves in our home is out the window. Times have changed, and they aren’t going backwards, at least in our lifetimes.

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