The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Week of Nov. 24, 2019

by Nancy Thomas, Commentary


Ray Rickman

We think Ray is very good and we congratulate him on winning two prestigious awards. First being recognized with the Outstanding Philanthropic Citizen Award from the Association of Fundraising Professionals: Rhode Island Chapter, and then one from the King’s Cathedral. Not only is this a wonderful individual honor – but Ray is just good for Rhode Island, too.

Making Animal Cruelty a Felony

Many forensic looks at some of the worst, most violent crimes committed by people have found an early propensity for being violent or cruel to animals.  Not only is this a warning sign very little recognized, this step, taken as a bipartisan effort and signed by the President, just might be one way we can prevent atrocities, and we applaud it.


This week the Worcester Red Sox announced their new nickname and logo/mascot image. If there is one thing the PawSox has learned it is to listen to the people – and the people clearly spoke that they wanted WooSox – and we can only envision opening day with lots of bright yellow smiley faces, mascots, etc. – it’ll be hard to be negative.  All the naysayers of why they didn’t stay in Rhode Island should recognize that the botched deal would have resulted in 50% of the people being negative on anything the team could have done in Rhode Island.  We wish them well.

The Economy

Going strong. Stock market hitting new highs every day. Sales luring us as retailers compete for our business. Sure, like a pendulum, times will one day change. But for now, invest wisely, shop wisely, save wisely. Hate your job? Look for another one. People are hiring. You have options.


Christopher Columbus Vandals

It’s a crime. It’s punishable. It deserves being investigated by the Providence Police Department. Some business people, after the second throwing of red paint this week, have come together to offer a reward to identify the vandals. They hope to raise $5,000 to rouse out those responsible. Whether you move it to Federal Hill, Cranston, or Johnston, keeping it safe should be a priority, and no doubt it would be in any of these locations.  Extra boos go to elected Providence City Council members who have supported and nearly cheered this illegal vandalism. It should never be acceptable. Maybe they should read their oath of office a little closure. There are efforts to make such destruction a hate crime, at the national level. This is one to watch – with shame.


Lack of Respect for the First Lady

No matter what your politics are, there is respect due the office and who is in it. But when it comes to the First Lady of the US, who has tried, in vain, to lend her weight to the problem of opioids and children, now centered around a campaign called, “Be Best”, being booed when walking across the stage at a Maryland school is ugly. One wonders if they were properly prepped and told what would happen if they were not respectful. One also wonders if some of the adults in the room had as bad behavior as the children.

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