The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – This Week in RI, March 6, 2020

by Nancy Thomas

(It’s all coronavirus and a little politics – stir together and it’s been quite the week)


Ending Dependency on China

One big wake up call about the US being so completely dependent on our economy, our goods, our manufacturing from one country – China – is loud and clear. Time to Make It In America Again, to steal a phrase.  We may need to pay a little more for our items that we get so cheaply now from China, Japan, etc., but this dependency is a threat to our very existence, and it is unacceptable. We have been warned.  It’s up to us to heed that warning now. And other countries could watch our poor example of allowing this to happen and make some changes, too. It’s a great opportunity economically for more growth in business and manufacturing.


If you haven’t heard about this RI based company, you may soon. At the leading age of virus vaccine research, led by Dr. Annie de Groot, their trials and research will be part of the prevention solution – that’s our prediction.

Democratic Primary

We’re whittling it down. We’re moving forward.


Supply Chain

People with cars that can’t be repaired because you can’t get the parts. Ships being turned around that were on their way to us because countries need the items for themselves in this crisis. We will be ‘in need’ for quite some time and we don’t even know what the items are that will be the scarcest. We hope China – and other countries – will want to work hard to get their economy up and churning again, because, for now, we all need each other far more than we knew.


Generics, cheaper drugs, and medical devices, again, are made in China. Add in supplements and vitamins that we have little quality control over. Big Pharma and the US government has allowed this to happen. Everything from basic medications, prenatal vitamins, to face masks. Time to reel in this practice.

The Stock Market

It’s the not knowing that is giving us anxiety as we watch the market swing up and down day to day. Once we KNOW what the short-term future is, the markets will stabilize – but the hit we are taking now may take some time to correct – and for those near retirement, the anxiety is very real.

The Democratic Primary

The party is dividing into two tracks, moderate and progressive, or you’re out. No room, as Elizabeth Warren said, for a third path. No, not this year. It’s a nasty fight, and any thought that they were all going to bring out the drums, sit in a circle, and sing kumbaya after Super Tuesday are lost – it’ll get nasty before it gets better.



On so many levels, the very health and safety of our people is threatened. The financial health of our businesses and individuals. The disruption of the supply chain. The uncertainty. The fear in our children. The lost opportunities for simply going on vacation, or planning a wedding, or going to a concert. It’s an ugly time. And we need our path out of it all. A time to pull up the drawbridges, be kind and understanding with one another. We wish for a 2-week respite for all – a little stay cay, reading good books, watching some movies, hunkering down – like a refreshing rain – and a time to come out on the other side. But we know this is a long haul. Stay calm, practice good hygiene, have faith. This too shall pass.

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