The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – in RI, Nov. 15, 2019

By Nancy Thomas, editor

The Good

The Holidays

Such joy around us with holiday celebrations, decorations, and cultural events to remind us that hope and love wins. Buy your tickets to the ballet, a concert, an evensong, a play. Make this a holiday to choose joy – and it has nothing to do with gift giving.

“Regionalization is our Salvation”

That quote of the week goes to North Providence Mayor Charles Lombardi. North Providence will now handle fire dispatch for Pawtucket out of its new Public Safety Complex. We hope the plan will be greeted as a necessary solution, including an estimated $300K savings. North Providence says it can handle 1 or 2 more cities/towns and we wait to see what progressive city will come knocking on Charlie’s door. We agree that “Regionalization is our [Rhode Island’s] salvation”.

RI Democratic Party

As we watch the implosion and division in the national Democratic party, we watch efforts taking place to draw the party together in Rhode Island – or not. Putting rules and restrictions on “caucuses” organized around singular issues such as the women’s caucus and others, makes sense, as they serve to divide and fragment (unless that is the intent). They are free to form their own groups, of course. Imagine if every special cause or issue had its own party caucus, issuing press releases, raising their own money, etc. We hope the behavior of last year won’t continue to cause chaos against unity – it can’t be the party of whoever yells the loudest.  

Kanye West

Kanye is scheduled to preach and sing with Pastor Joel Osteen this Sunday at 11am at Osteen’s Mega Church. 45,000 in-house in Houston; 10 million plus watching on television and live streams. Regardless of the Osteen event, what will be the impact of Kanye West’s combination of newfound spiritual message and music on today’s society?

The Bad

School Shooting

What demons prompt a 16-year-old, on his birthday, to come to school with a gun and shoot students and then himself, in the head? We need to know more about these tragic tendencies in our youth – and adults – and what is happening to our society where our children are not safe in school. This took place in a state with some of the strictest gun control laws.

Impeachment Hearings

When a conservative reporter asks a lawyer if he knows what it’s like when the facts may be right, but you’ve lost the audience, you know that the hours upon hours of televised questioning and testimony has taken a negative turn. How many of us want to yell at the television sets for everyone to go back to work and let the voters decide in 2020. It’s too late now, and it’s too divisive. The people are sick of it. Though some are hanging on every word.

The Ugly

Taken too soon

A firefighter, his wife, and three children plan a very special trip to Disney. But before that, he has to work one more shift. A fire at 1am in a 3-tenement house. Other firefighters get trapped. There’s possibly a baby inside. The firefighter goes into action, doing what he is trained to do, and lives are saved. But not his. That night, instead of getting on a plane to the happiest place in the world, his family unpacked their bags and began planning a funeral – for their hero.

Hong Kong Crisis

Visions of a young protester being shot in close range. Another being doused with gasoline and lit afire. Protesters attacking the government forces. Umbrellas and shields. But the most startling sight was to see students digging up bricks from sidewalks and with mortar and spade, building little walls to protect themselves during the demonstrations. No words of compromise from the government. Afraid this has disintegrated into utter chaos that will only get worse – very soon.

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