“The American Heart Association has spread misinformation” – Dr. Barbara Roberts

By Dr. Barbara H. Roberts

The American Heart Association (AHA) is nothing more than the propaganda arm of Big Pharma and Big Food. It is paid millions upon millions of dollars to spread misinformation about preventing heart disease by means of ineffective, dangerous drugs and low-fat foods which contribute to the epidemic of obesity and diabetes we are currently witnessing.

The prevention of heart and vascular disease by adopting a diet which avoids processed foods and concentrates on eating a variety of both plant and humanely sourced animal foods is anathema to the purveyors of man-made junk food and medicines. It cuts into their profits.

If you are interested in heart health you will eat food that’s been monkeyed with by human beings as little as possible. For more information listen to my interview on the podcast Mindful Medicine.

What Diet Trends Are Dangerous For Your Heart?

Barbara H. Roberts, MD, FACC

Author, The Truth About Statins and The Doctor Broad

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