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Ron & Jen’s Great Escape, November 29, 2023 – Ron St. Pierre and Jen Brien

by Ron St. Pierre and Jen Brien, commentary


IDK. Sounds like a porn. Maybe I should have named this something else… no matter. The subject is Dolly AND she did do DALLAS! By now everyone and their cousin 4th removed has seen Dolly Parton dressed up like a DALLAS COWBOY CHEERLEADER last week on Thanksgiving during her performance at halftime. People went wild on social media and for the most part gave her props for being able to pull the look off. Some scoffers lingered, but mostly everyone gave 2 enthusiastic thumbs up. 

All of the hoopla got me thinking about the criticism she got. I mean, if Al Pacino can have a baby at 81 with his 29 year old GF, why can’t Dolly wear what she wants. Like it or not there still remains crazy double standards in this world as far as men and women go. It’s nuts, but it’s still there. I don’t want to turn this into an “I am WOMAN” article ‘cause I hate those, but I had to throw it down. Dolly is an icon who laughs at herself and all her nip and tucks she’s gotten. What I LOVE ABOUT HER IS SHE DOESN’T GIVE A CRAP what YOU think. She’s just Dolly being Dolly. She’s got SPUNK! ZIP ZAP AND PIZAZZ, and a set of balls. She really is someone people should look up to because she has her own set of rules, doesn’t follow the masses, and literally does it her way. 

Today I tip my hat to Dolly for being AUTHENTIC in spirit. Her outside may be fake, but her true self can’t get any more pure. 


Till next week my friends,




“GERONROCRACY”–a state, society or group governed by old people. Get to know the word as it’s surely to be used many times during the election cycle. President Joe Biden just turned 81 and the GOP will be playing the age card against him big time. That’s rather curious when you consider front running Republican Donald Trump is 77. Either would be the oldest person to be inaugurated should it be a rematch. They’re not even the oldest. Democrat Nancy Pelosi intends to seek House re-election next year at 83 while Republican Chuck Grassley is the United States’ oldest sitting Senator at age 90.



Many radio stations across the country hit the ALL CHRISMTAS MUSIC button the week BEFORE Thanksgiving. Seriously, how many times can a person hear Burl Ives or Mariah Carey before developing a nervous twitch? Did you ever wonder what the total cost of the TWELVE DAYS OF Christmas  would be? According to the PNC Christmas Price Index, the answer is $47 thousand dollars with Ten Lords a Leaping coming in as the costliest at $14,539 bucks (must be a Lords of Leaping Union thing). Five golden rings would run you $1,245. The least expensive item of the twelve? Eight Maids a Milking at $58 dollars. Now THERE’S a group that needs to organize!


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