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Ron & Jen’s Great Escape – 11-2-2022 – Ron St. Pierre and Jen Brien

by Ron St. Pierre and Jen Brien, commentary


You ALL, I’m assuming, have seen “JURASSIC PARK”, the original, BY NOW. You know the one where the lawyer dude gets eaten as he hides in the outhouse once Dobbs turns off the high voltage fence system to make his escape!? No? Yes? Well, if you haven’t seen the film, trust me, it was the lawyer’s last bowel movement. 

I’ve been thinking about that film lately and how you just never know when you’re about to have the “I just got eaten by a T-REX in an outhouse moment”. Life is SO SHORT although at times the days, years, and moments drag on and on and it moves painfully slow. We wait. Humans wait. We await our turn, wait to be promoted, wait for our ship to come in, wait for OUR TEAM TO WIN THE SUPER BOWL… WAIT in drive-thru lines… wait ON HOLD FOREVER when calling about a bill or appointment we need to make… you get the point. We wait a lot. A LOT. And then we wait some more. The thing that gets missed much too often is the fact that the waiting isn’t the test, in as much as who we are/become while WE ARE WAITING. So many people say all the right things in public, on FB, and at social functions, but the truth is their heart condition is dark and unhealthy and people would be SHOCKED to see the real them if the mask got ripped off.

People wear masks. People are an act. People lie, play games, manipulate, gaslight and scheme. You have to be very savvy in today’s world and sober minded to see and feel it all. Two things for you to marinate in till next week. Who are you really behind the scenes and how do YOU WAIT for your turn? Are you envious, bitter, angry etc? Or do you thank God for the things he has allowed you to have? Do you bitch and complain that the line won’t move at the checkout of a supermarket? Or do you thank God for all the food you’re about to buy? Life moves fast, friends, according to Ferris Bueller, and he’s right. Be a nice human. Help people. Stay humble.

Thank God for anything and everything. Wait well.

You may think you’re fooling people as you put that mask on every day when you leave your house, but the universe has eyes. God sees everything. Believe that. It’s no joke.

Till next week friends,




Suddenly the light at the end of the tunnel is about to be dimmed AGAIN, this time by federal lawmakers. If you’re one of those hopeful a US Senate bill passed in March would lead to daylight savings time becoming permanent, well you’re blank out of luck. THE SUNSHINE PROTECTION ACT never came up for a vote and with the House and Senate on recess until after the mid-term elections it won’t be considered in time to save you from “falling back” an hour Sunday morning at 2am. Sure, you gain an hour of sleep BUT you lose an hour of daylight. In fact, by the time we hit the shortest day of the year in December, the sun sets at 4:15 in the afternoon. Changing the clocks twice a year messes up both your mind and your body. Daylight Savings Time is a source of growing health concerns. Mayo Clinic sleep disorder specialists say turning the clocks back and forth twice annually causes disruptions in the brain’s circadian rhythms. Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital have found that in mice, disrupted sleep causes an increase in heart disease. Another study in PEOPLE shows a whopping 24% increase in heart attacks after moving clocks forward an hour (Spring Ahead) and the opposite at “Fall Back” time.



Mercifully, it’ll all be over Tuesday. The blitzkrieg of political ads will finally be over. It’s been an especially UGLY election cycle particularly in the race for Governor with incumbent Dan McKee and GOP hopeful Ashley Kalus accusing each other of everything except sabotaging the  O-rings on the space shuttle Challenger. Buddy Cianci called going negative putting “gum on my opponents shoe”. Gum? These two are using Super Glue. The most ridiculous charge was lobbed by Kalus the other day accusing McKee of ruining her children’s Halloween by agreeing to only do a radio debate on October 31st. Fact is, all three parties agreed to the debate (according to the radio station) two weeks ago. Kalus’ kids are ages 12, 10 and seven. Nobody else in the family or a neighbor can take the kids trick or treating?

The race for the soon to be vacant Congressional District 2 between Democrat Seth Magaziner and Republican Allan Fung has been just as active on the airwaves but those two have let the Super Pacs do most of the mudslinging.


Ron St. Pierre is a veteran broadcaster whose career has spanned over four decades. Ron has programmed, performed on and managed WHJJ, WPRO, WWRX, 790 The Score in Providence, as well as WBZT and WKGR in West Palm Beach and WABC in New York City. Ron also anchored sports on WPRI Ch 12 in Providence. He is a member of both the Rhode Island Radio and Television and the City of Pawtucket Halls of Fame. He was born and raised in Pawtucket.

Jen Brien has over 20 years of radio broadcast experience having hosted shows on WPRO and WHJJ with Ron as well as her own shows on WRKO and WBZ in Boston, WXTK on Cape Cod and WHAM in Rochester, New York. Jen was born and raised in Woonsocket and served six years in the Army MP Canine Unit.

Hazel, Ron’s dog, makes regular appearances.

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