Rhode Island based Coboaters connects boating community in North America, Caribbean

In early 2022, a RI entrepreneur and sailor launched a new service to help people sail more and better. This startup now celebrates its second year and launches new features.

A common problem for many boat owners and crew: Meeting, Connecting And Communicating

Many people like sailing and want to sail more. Ironically, both crewmembers, captains and skippers rely on each other for a successful outing on the water but for both connecting with one another can be a difficult task.

Boat owners often need crewmembers who can help them operate their boat, either for pleasure or to enter a race. It is not easy to find the right crew at the right time and a lot of boat owners do not use their boat as much as they could because of lack of crew.

Similarly, there are multitudes of crewmembers looking to connect with skippers with whom they can gain experience. Due to difficulties finding and connecting with one another, crewmembers often find themselves having to rent a boat on their own. This can be problematic, as many do not necessarily have enough knowledge or experience to manage a boat.

The current lack of resources for finding one another often leaves boat owners and crewmembers relying on personal relationships or word of mouth to collaborate. This, however, is not always enough.

The boating community needed a better tool for boats looking for crew and for crew looking for boats, which resulted in Coboaters launching a Crew Finder Network open to everyone, experienced sailors and beginners, racers and cruisers, boat owners, skippers and captains.


Coboaters: An Easy and Accessible Online Boating Platform

The inspiration behind Coboaters came from something seen at local boat clubs – a NOTICE BOARD. Coboaters follows the same concept online and uses modern technology to bring together a boating community and help people find their next boat or their next crew.

Notices: Browse Boat owners, Crew, and Boating Events

Boat owners and skippers can post a Notice to find crew, featuring the specific details of their boating trip or event. Skippers can select applicants and conveniently communicate with their entire crew directly through the Coboaters website – from regattas to cruises and fishing trips.

For crewmembers, Coboaters provide the opportunity to create online boating/sailing resumes to better showcase their experience and their nautical knowledge. Crewmembers will be able to advertise their experience and availability, as well as message boat owners at any time.

Connect with other Boating Enthusiasts

The Coboaters platform includes social-media style features, helping members meet and connect. It also offers forums, blogs, and more. Not a static website – it’s an online community for boating enthusiasts to network, meet, chat, and learn from one another, allowing people to connect much beyond the scope of their local community.

They focus on North America, USA, Canada and the Caribbeans, and are for local sailors who want to join a club racing season or who simply want to spend afternoon and weekends on boats with new friends.

What makes it unique ?

An all-in-one, convenient platform

The website boasts a user-friendly interface and combines efficient organization and communication tools for everyone, with the added benefits of social media-like features to provide a unique online experience.

Showcase your sailing experience or vessels features members profiles, allowing each member to showcase their marine skills, experiences, and goals. Boat profiles allow owners to describe their vessel, upload photos and describe their past cruises and boating events. Throughout the website, both crewmembers and boat owners can conveniently connect and communicate with one another regarding their sailing experiences.

Hire crewmembers and find recreational or professional skippers through a safe and reliable platform

Considering the nature of some sailing opportunities which may require interaction and remote travel with individuals that users do not personally know, a superior rating system is essential. Members can not only connect, but also review each other after a shared boating event. This provides a sure sense of reliability and security, enabling sailors to establish the legitimacy, safety, and dependability of other users. Coboaters says it is their priority to help ensure safe and enjoyable boating experiences.

What is new in 2023?

Their community of sailors keeps growing, with hundreds of members all over North America. They have recently launched a forum where members can exchange questions and ideas and keep in touch with the community, and share knowledge.

For more information:

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