Personalized Care Coordination, LLC helping Southern RI

Registered Nurse, Michelle Kissinger, RN, BSN, is on the front lines of care management. She gains a rapport with her clients by investing her time to listen to their concerns, needs and goals.

“The most important aspect of my plan of care is to assure my client’s safety and well-being, and just as importantly, their quality of life,” she said. “Every client’s situation is different, which makes each plan specific to them.”

Michelle recently opened Personalized Care Coordination, LLC in Carolina, (in Charlestown), to provide care for older adults so their families can have peace of mind that “an extra set of eyes looks in on their loved ones.” Michelle said she understands the challenges for families caring for their family members and the stress that may cause, especially if they do not live nearby.

“I work with the client, their family, their medical care team and support system to develop a plan that puts my client’s best interests at the heart” said Michelle. “This means the entire team will be on the same page ensuring health and well-being are the top priority. So many people want to remain in the home they love and have cherished memories. That scenario can be made possible with some extra help and close care management.”

Personalized Care Coordination, LLC offers such services as personal advocacy, being the primary contact, medication management, chronic disease management and education. Care plans play an important role in assuring the care stays on track and changes can be made when deemed necessary. The care plans are created for continued continuity of care. This provides transparency to the entire care team, Kissinger said.

Michelle’s Personal Care Approach also includes direct communication with providers and collaboration with community resources. “By being my client’s advocate, they have someone who has no tie to an organization. I work for my client, not a separate company.”

Michelle can also perform various other health-related tasks which others may not be able or trained to do. Because of her background, she can administer medications, perform a physical assessment (which includes weight monitoring, behavior/mood changes and appearance changes) and monitor vital signs/blood sugars, etc. All of these things are important to assure the best possible health and well-being for her clients, she added.

She can also be a second opinion when it appears the client is not doing as well as the family thought; noticing changes for themselves from the last time they visited. It could be the patient is not taking their medications properly, there is change in the patient’s physical ability or some other decline in health she said. When that happens, Michelle can look to see if more help or assistance is needed—including a doctor’s visit so their provider can assess the changes and make recommendations. Michelle can accompany the client to these visits to assure continuity of care is being provided and voice the concerns of the family.

“When I go into a client’s home to visit, I am constantly evaluating and assessing not just my client but their surroundings. It is important my client is doing well but just as important that they are maintaining a safe environment. If there is something amiss, then I will take the appropriate action.”

Michelle offers her client’s and family members a USB bracelet that can have the medication list, POA/HIPPA (Power of Attorney/Personal Information) form, contact numbers and other valuable information on it as needed. “Having that information on their bracelet can be important in case the client either cannot or does not remember their information,” Michelle said. “If I am not there, the information can be downloaded by the hospital staff. This is an ongoing problem when our older folks go to the emergency room for an acute issue and are found not to be a good historian for themselves. What’s on the USB bracelet is valuable information for the doctors who will be providing care.

“I will work closely with the medical care team, which is important, however, my client’s care is not complete unless their family and/or caregivers are a part of that too,” she continues. “My goal is to bring everyone together to assure optimal heal health, my client’s ongoing independence and, most of all, their quality of life.”

Michelle currently works with clients from Westerly to Narragansett and surrounding towns. Eventually, she would like to expand to southern Connecticut. Her target clientele includes people ages 60 and over. Michelle does offer a free, no-obligation Consultation.

“I will always offer to refer a client elsewhere if I cannot meet their needs,” she said.

More details can be obtained by contacting 401-360-4242 or [email protected].

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