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Off-season, 3/4/2022 – Jeff Gross

by Jeff Gross, contributing writer

Off-season 3/4/2022

February 28th ended small game season for 2021/2022.  That said it is real easy to slack off and not keep yourself in good shape and the pupper as well. The header photo is a clear indication of Jada’s thoughts on the off-season. Jada found out rather quickly that this off-season will be different. Numerous pheasants that had their Nikes on would run off at a full sprint rather than flush. By mid-season we were both conditioned and tear after the birds even with a 20 lb pack on. Success improved as often Jada would cause the bird to double back and flush.

Needed this off-season is for hunters to consider taking Canadian Geese. In the Tiverton area there are large flights of them daily. A smaller flock is pictured but larger ones are in the fields to the East. These Geese are becoming the next Staring or English Sparrow infestation. The Geese are contaminating the water supplies; Stafford Pond for instance, when they land in the waters.  When a flock of geese land often it is like a convention and all the friends and relatives show up as well. We need to start thinning the flights. I don’t know how your dog acts, but Jada thinks the goose droppings are treats and it is a challenge to keep her from getting sick. 

For you folks that fish: while trout waters are closed until the official start of trout season, there are a lot of non-stocked trout waters for bass and other warm water fish.  Places like Bowdish Lake, Indian Lake, Waterman Reservoir, and Pascoag Reservoir can all produce some nice bass once the weather starts to warm. Keep in mind the local mud holes as well. There can be some nice bass in those small water bodies that are hidden once the weeds start to sprout. Even if the mud holes are fairly shallow, top water lures will work.

For you Saltwater fishing folks: New England Saltwater Fishing Show, 3/11-3/13/2022 at the RI Convention Center. If you attend email me your thoughts.

Hopefully we will be Fishin’ soon and not Fission.

See you next week.


Jeffrey “Jeff” Gross spent 21 years as an Analytical Chemist at the USCG R&D Center in Groton, Connecticut, Woods Hole Laboratories, and Helix Technologies. Changing careers is a “great learning experience for everyone”, Jeff says, and I’m an avid outdoorsman and conservationist, a student of the sciences, and the world. The US holds too many wonders not to take a chance and explore them”.

Jeff is the Model Train and Railroad entrepreneur. Proud Golden Retriever owner. Ultra strong Second Amendment Advocate and Constitutionalist. “Determined seeker of the truth”. 

Jeff is a RIFGPA Legislative and Legal Officer, Freshwater Chairman, NRA Liaison.

His subjects include Outdoors, Second Amendment, Model Railroading, and Whimsical.

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