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Ken Block was hired by Trump 2020 to validate voter fraud claims

Photo: Ken Block Facebook page

Rhode Islander, Ken Block, has revealed that he has been called to testify in a Grand Jury regarding the investigation of voter fraud done under contract of former President Donald Trump’s campaign.

He noted in a Facebook post last night:

“Just as I boarded a plane at 3pm today, the Washington Post broke a story that I received a grand jury subpoena from Special Counsel Jack Smith. The story also disclosed that I was hired to look for voter fraud for the Trump campaign immediately after the 2020 General Election and that I was asked to try to validate many claims of voter fraud that came from everywhere and everyone.

This is all true.

I found no substantive voter fraud in my investigations and disproved every single claim of massive voter fraud that I was asked to review. My work was done scientifically and was fully backed up with data.

I’ve sat on this secret for a LONG time.”

Washington Post

Block included a link to a Washington Post story which was filed yesterday afternoon. In that story writer Josh Dawsey wrote, “Ken Block, founder of the firm Simpatico Software Systems, studied more than a dozen voter fraud theories and allegations for Trump’s campaign in late 2020 and found they were “all false,” he said in an interview with The Washington Post.

“No substantive voter fraud was uncovered in my investigations looking for it, nor was I able to confirm any of the outside claims of voter fraud that I was asked to look at,” he said. “Every fraud claim I was asked to investigate was false.”

The story went on to say: “Federal records show the Trump 2020 campaign paid Block’s firm more than $750,000 in six payments. The first, for $390,000, came three days after the election, records show, and the final payment came around Thanksgiving of that year. The payments were labeled “Recount.”

There was no final report, but reports were given to the campaign on an ongoing basis.

A federal grand jury investigating claims from former President Trump of voter fraud have looked at findings to the opposite that there was “evidence” known to the campaign from both Block’s findings and another study from Berkeley Research Group (paid $600,000) that these claims had no findings in fact.

Ken Block

Block, a Barrington resident, is the founder of the Moderate Party, and previously ran for Governor of Rhode Island (2010). He owns Simpatico Software Systems and is a computer engineer and technology expert. Block acknowledges this type of work has been done for others in the past, and has served as an expert witness in court cases. Block is known in Rhode Island for working to eliminate the “master lever” from election ballots which he argues creates voter disenfranchisement and unfairly benefits larger political parties. He also has been vocal about the 38 Studios debacle and funding of the Superman redevelopment, and in his political heyday provided data analysis on several issues for the Rhode Island public – and media.

Simpatico Software Systems describes itself as: “a US-based company specializing in large scale database analytics solutions. We are experts in the acquisition and analysis of large volumes of data to identify evidence and patterns of inefficiencies, waste, compliance shortfalls, fraud and insider threats. We aggregate our customer’s data from disparate systems onto a single platform to allow deep analysis of interconnected data. We are a company of experts dedicated to the idea that, a small, experienced and highly skilled software team can outperform larger companies on the same project. Our focus is specialized, our costs are lower, and our results speak for themselves. We bring a unique depth of experience from high performance, highly secure, mission critical transaction processing systems.”

The Washington Post story ends noting that Block frequently tweets about former President Trump’s claims of voter fraud being false.

Block ended his Facebook post informing people of that in addition to the Washington Post he has been contacted by multiple national news media, and noted, “I am trying to get to everyone – including RI media. Please be patient. This story is bananas in ways you cannot imagine and will eventually come out fully.”

This is a developing story.

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