National Puppy Day

It’s National Puppy Day – Show us yours! Random acts of kindness to celebrate.

Every dog that I have been blessed to have in my life, from childhood to present, has been adopted and I will never buy a puppy, knowing that millions of them sit alone in the shelter every day, all over the world. There is no way to describe the pain this causes my heart, to imagine their fear, loneliness and despair. Many never make it out of the cage or kennel to enjoy a life of love and security…they have no toys or grass to romp on, they never feel a soft breeze sweep across their tender noses or experience the warm arms of a loving human. Every day is the same type of bitter fear for them until they’re on the euthanasia table. Do you want to help change that? Please don’t buy a puppy from a pet store that sells puppies from puppy mills, which neglect and torture dogs for the sake of financial gain. This does not include large pet store chains that give space to local rescues.

I believe in your right to invest in a purebred puppy, if that’s what you want to do for your yourself or your family, but please make sure that you’re doing your homework about the breed, to ensure you’re able to meet the requirements of exercise, feeding and necessary space. Often times, movie dogs and designer breeds are sought after by children, given as a gift by parents, without any research, soon resulting in the novelty wearing off and the dog needing re-homing because no one has the time to provide what the dog needs. If you absolutely must have a purebred puppy, buy from a reputable breeder, one that has a great reputation, a clean facility and good references from local vets and other sources. Never buy a puppy off the internet or send money through the mail. There are so many puppy scams, especially around National Puppy Day. We have a great article written by the Better Business Bureau on our homepage. It’s a lengthy but vital read.

Lastly, keep in mind that you can find purebred rescues all over the country, filled with beautiful dogs that were relinquished for a myriad of reasons. In my opinion, pet adoption is always the better choice. If we’re ever going to fix the problem of pet overpopulation and eliminate the senseless deaths of million of pets each year, it starts with YOU! Be part of the solution to change the future for abandoned pets. Please also spay & neuter your pets –as it helps lower pet over-population, may possibly reduce cancer risk and help with behavior problems.

Please open your heart and home to a furry soul in need today and if you can’t, volunteer at your local shelter or donate at least $5.

Wishing you lots of puppy kisses….
Colleen Paige – Founder of National Puppy Day


We Want to see your Puppy/Dog!

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Ways to be kind to your puppy/dog this day – and every day!

1. Adopt a puppy from your local shelter, rescue or pure breed rescue organization.
2. Are you prepared for puppy parenting? Start off on the right paw! Hire a professional that can help you.
3. Donate money, food and toys to your local shelter.
4. Organize a peaceful demonstration in front of your community pet store that sells puppies.
5. Write your Congressman and ask that he/she support the ban of Puppy Mills in your state.
6. Assist an ill or elderly neighbor by walking their puppy.
7. Have a puppy party and invite all your friends and their puppies!
8. Join a fun, dog friendly community online and post pics of your puppy for the world to ooh and ahh over!
9. Host a community event to raise money for your local animal shelter.
10. Volunteer at your local shelter and offer to walk a puppy or play with a puppy, clean cages or anything else they need help with.
11. Have a portrait painted of your puppy to suspend the fleeting magic of puppydom.
12. Buy your puppy a fun, new puppy toy.
13. Give your puppy some fun exercise by taking him or her to puppy daycare.
15. Brush your puppy to eliminate excess fur.
16. Give your puppy a massage or holistic spa treatment.
17. Get your puppy some leash training lessons.
18. Buy your puppy a cute new outfit or fashionable collar and leash.
19. Have a tee shirt made with your puppy’s photo on it.
20. Take your puppy to the beach.
21. Throw out all your chemical cleaners and purchase non-toxic cleaners for your home to keep your puppy cancer-free!
22. Puppy-proof your home and yard with a “puppy safe” inspection.
23. Revamp your puppy’s toy bin with new, clean toys and get rid of the old, bacteria infested ones!
24. Install a car safety harness to keep your puppy safe during travel from
25. If you haven’t already, switch to a holistic brand of puppy food to keep your puppy healthy.
26. Hire a pet photographer to capture your puppy’s fleeting moments.
27. Pamper your puppy in pure luxury by purchasing all natural bath products.
28. Buy your puppy a comfy new bed.
29. Take your puppy on a pet friendly vacation.
30. Buy yourself and your puppy some matching tee shirts.
31. Join our Facebook page and follow us on IG and Twitter.

32. From the first bark, make sure that your garden is puppy safe from toxic plants and materials.
33. Buy a puppy gate to keep your puppy out of hazardous areas of the home.
34. Puppy-proof your pool to prevent the risk of drowning.
35. Buy a canine first aid kit and put it in your car in case of injury while away from home.
36. Microchip & I.D. Tag your puppy so the shelter can locate you if he gets lost.
37. Make sure you have all required vaccines and a regular health exam.
38. Pledge to feed your puppy only all natural food and treats.
39. Switch to filtered water only from now on, to prevent illnesses related to toxins in normal water supplies.
40. Teach your children and their friends to be kind to your puppy by never pulling on his ears or tail.
41. Pledge to walk your puppy every day for proper health and behavior management.
42. Teach your puppy some fun tricks.
43. Take your puppy to an elderly community and spread some love.
44. If you like your puppy to snuggle in bed with you, buy him some puppy steps to make it easy for him to join you.
45. Buy your puppy a designer crate that fits with your interior décor style.
46. Make your home pet friendly by choosing pet friendly fabrics that hold up to your puppy’s wear and tear.
47. Install a fence around your unfenced yard so your puppy can run and enjoy some freedom at home.
48. Pledge to never chain your puppy to a tree or doghouse. Always include your puppy in your family by letting them live inside the home with you.
49. Carpet any stairs you may have to reduce risk of injury to your puppy by slipping and falling.
50. And last but not least – pledge to never yell at or hit your puppy…to be patient and kind and give your puppy lots of love and praise every day.

Don’t forget to read our feature – Gimme’ Shelter – each Sunday, when we show you just one cat or dog at the Providence Animal Control Center who needs your love – and you home. See our features from the past HERE


  1. ray rickman on March 23, 2023 at 11:06 am

    Nancy Tell which shelter does good placement and needs a donation?

    • Nancy Thomas on March 23, 2023 at 9:30 pm

      We feature the Providence Animal Control Center each Sunday – they are excellent! Also, my adoptions have always come from PARL – Providence Animal Rescue League – and then there is Animal Rescue Rhode Island!