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In the news… Leaving the pandemic phase, National, local news updates, passings – April 28, 2022



Update from Dr. Jha:

Paxlovid will be widely available in US very soon, and it will be free.

Test to treat sites will be expanded. Get a positive test, get Paxlovid immediately.

Congress must step up with additional funds for supplies. Vaccines won’t be available and new treatments won’t be, if we don’t get funding. Other countries are purchasing, while we are awaiting funding.

This fight must be a world fight, not a country fight.


COVID is ticking up in US, particularly in the Northeast. Officials are warning those who know they are at high risk to take precautions, where a mask in large groups, avoid situations of exposure, and make sure they are vaxxed and boosted.

Beijing is going to test over 2 million residents.

Pres. Biden is set to attend the Foreign Correspondent’s dinner, in spite of concerns of a COVID super-spreader – he is said to plan on skipping the meal, so he can keep his mask on.

3 out of 4 children are estimated to have had COVID in US

More than 50% of all Americans have probably had COVID or been exposed, without symptoms.

LA mask mandate back for transportation

Dr. Fauci: No question we are leaving the pandemic phase – but COVID is still around.

Philadelphia, which put into place a mask mandate for indoors last week, is now removing it.

White House will renew its efforts for a new round of COVID funding

There is now an ample supply of the life-saving COVID-19 antiviral treatment Paxlovid and that it no longer needs to be rationed.

American Hospital Association will be having a large meeting this weekend and will not require masks, proof of vaccination or — as recommended by the CDC — a test in the 24 hours prior to the event.

The World Vaccine Congress is meeting, and is asking for proof of vaccination or a test within 72 hours and recommending masks — when not on stage

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy says he will continue to wear a mask when traveling and indoors.

Federal judge issues a temporary halt on the lifting of Title 42 at the US border, which prevented immigrants from entering the country because of COVID

Vaccines for children 6 mos – 5 years should be out in the next 2 months.

North Korea and Eritrea are now the only two countries in the world that have not administered vaccines.

Kamala Harris tests positive for COVID and is not exhibiting any symptoms. She is reportedly being treated with Paxlovid, though she is not in the protocol published by the CDC for this treatment.


Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, said on granting of new drilling leases that  he’s fine with additional fossil fuel production if it’s “geared to be able to deal with the need for economic stability in order to be able to make the transitions that we need,” and he views the move “as a temporary measure to try to relieve the price pressure, which is essential to keeping the population committed to moving in these directions,” and that President Biden “knows that many of these leases that have been granted are simply not going to be drilled in.”

Pres. Biden issued 75 sentence pardons – his first act of clemency.

Twitter: Donald Trump says he will not come back on the social profile. Mark Levin has already gone back on.

Italy will now give both mother’s and father’s last names to babies born.

President Biden says he wants an all-electric military vehicle fleet – electric tanks, etc.

Less people collecting unemployment since 1970.

Researchers are advising people who take aspirin as a heart attack/stroke preventive, to talk to their doctors as the medication may carry more risk for blood clots.

Pope Francis has canceled all appearances due to severe knee pain.

Elon Musk’s bid to buy Twitter was approved, has caused a backlash of concern from some – has not yet become official. 

Wimbledon will ban Russian and Belarusian players

71% of Generation Z would quit rather than go back into the office.

Chris Wallace, failing in his move to CNN+ from Fox News said he doesn’t know what he’ll do for CNN after the swift death of CNN+, where he had a marquee interview show. His salary was $5 million/year – “I’m in good shape, whether it’s CNN or someplace else.  Frankly, what I’m mostly concerned about right now, and very, is my team and hundreds of other people … that had jobs at CNN+.” Some of them had left CNN to go to streaming. Some of them had left other places, moved across the country

Massachusetts wants to build hundreds of new apartments and condos around public transportation areas such as MBTA stations.

The 10th bus of immigrants has arrived from Texas into DC

For the 6th year, homeless have declined in DC.

Oldest person in the world died in Tokyo at 119

Ukraine is seeking help from the UN with evacuating residents.

Netflix stock down 40% at the low; CNN+ Streaming service is shutting down a month after launching; Disney to lose special tax status in Florida; Spotify dropped its deal with Barack and Michelle Obama while keeping Joe Rogan…

In 1983 – 93,000 children were identified as homeschoolers; in 2022 – 5,000,000+ are homeschoolers

Exxon Mobil plans to prohibit LGBTQ and Black Lives Matters flags from being flown outside its offices, prompting a furious backlash from Houston-based employees.

Israel’s central bank will add Chinese yuan while slashing its dollar and euro holdings in a move to diversify its reserve allocations and lengthen its investment horizon. In addition to the yuan, the bank will also add the Canadian and Australian dollars. Previously, the bank only held US dollars, euros, and the British pound.




Brown’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate will remain in place for all students and employees during the 2022-23 academic year. 

Massachusetts recommending masks indoors. 65% increase in COVID

90 students from MA school prom tested positive.

Red Sox Manager Cora has COVID, and 3 players and 2 staff.  Cora has mild symptoms and is fully vaccinated.

MA estimates an $800M loss in cultural groups from COVID.


Cell phones in Torrington, CT will have to be locked up for the day when they enter school – they join hundreds of schools throughout the US

The Rhode Island Department of Health’s Center for Vital Records is moving its office from the Cannon Building in Providence to Simpson Hall on the Pastore Campus (6 Harrington Rd., Cranston, RI 02920).

Kate Liberman, a Needham, Mass., native is the new Executive Director of Trinity Rep. She comes from heading a performing arts festival in New York.  

Discover Newport Marketing Group is back to in-person meetings – its first is Wednesday, May 18, 11am at OceanCliff. The theme for this meeting will be What’s New throughout the destination. 

On Nantucket, scientists at MIT are proposing releasing hordes of genetically altered mice on the island to combat the growing scourge of Lyme disease.

A “no failing grade” policy is enforced in the city of Providence – grades that are fails are converted to “I’s” – Incomplete – unless students are seniors, then the F grades can be used. They have until 11/15 of the next school year to make up the work.

New England Tech’s commencement address will be given by Henry Winkler.

ProJo writer Mark Patinkin will be inducted into the RI Heritage Hall of Fame.

Plans to expand LPG terminal in Providence have been halted.

Media reporting Joe Paolino, Jr. will open a private, membership rooftop club at his hotel, The Beatrice, price undisclosed.

Superman building’s affordable parameters for housing: one person: $48,480 annual salary would pay $1212/month in rent.

Harvard will spend $100 million to extend educational opportunities to students from communities descended from enslaved people and continue to pursue scholarship on the impact of slavery worldwide.

RI State Police officer shot and killed a person in Woonsocket yesterday – at this time no details are being released. Spectators said there was a car crash and many gunshots at the scene.

All state troopers will have dash cameras by late spring/early summer.

New head of RI State Police Lt. Colonel Darnell Weaver, was appointed by Gov. McKee. Weaver is the first black head of the state police, and replaces Col. Manni.



Jim Hartz, 82, 3-decade television career, co-host of the “Today” show with Barbara Walters.

Orrin Hatch, 88, Utah Senator

Paul Segel, 84, former CEO of Jewish Family Services

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