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In the news…. for March 18, 2023


3 US women from Texas, missing in Mexico after going over to sell items in a flea market

Trains running from Boston to Maine can sell alcohol only when passing through the state of New Hampshire

Gas powered leaf blowers, lawn mowers and lawn equipment may be banned if legislation passes

Joe Paolino’s communications staff member, Matt Touchette, has been hired at CommerceRI as director of public affairs

Accessibility & Parking – local app available for identifying handicapped parking and reporting violations in parking –

Brown Univ President Paxson supports campus police being armed

RI Catholic Diocese did not issue dispensation to eat meat on Friday – St. Patrick’s Day

The Woonsocket building that houses a community behavioral treatment center is up for sale, being coordinated by the SJ Coria Company. Bidding was this week, with a minimum bid for the building must be $425,000, according to sources.

Long time ivermectin supporter from Foster, Rhode Island, Danny Lemoi, has died – his family will keep his blog going. It was thought his death is related to side effects on his heart.

Governor wants to increase department heads salaries by average of 20%

RI company, Heritage Restoration, has purchased Sutherland Welles, and the company will move to RI.

Hasbro licenses Nerf products to a company in Stoughton, MA – Franklin Sports

Billy Gilmore has released a single and has switched to bluegrass

RI Speaker Shekarchi says past Governor Raimondo encouraged him to run for Congress, per a story in the Boston Globe

May 11th will end the COVID emergency in MA – and in RI

The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority has announced that its customer service walk-in center will be open for special evening hours on Thursday, March 16th, and Thursday, March 23rd, from 4pm-7pm.

The Newport campus of the community college of Rhode Island has been named the

Steve Laffey, former mayor of Cranston, and candidate for President, will be in RI to speak to an invited group on 3/17 – the event is sponsored by the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity

Clio Snacks recalls Strawberry Granola & Greek Yogurt Bars due to possible contamination with Listeria

Meghan L. Hughes, who has overseen the Community College of Rhode Island as president since 2016 and has been a key figure in the college providing free education for qualified state residents, will step down from her role on Aug. 31

The RI Small Business Coalition has funding: $10k for projects including:

Installing higher-grade air filters – Installing/repairing central HVAC systems – Adding indoor air purifiers, windows, fans – Conducting an indoor airflow and quality assessment. More info here: [email protected]

Johnson & Wales will hold their graduations on May 6th. James Langevin will deliver the commencement for the undergrad school and Jodi Berg, CEO of Vitamix will deliver the graduate address.

Forbes lists “Cumberland Hill” as the “richest” city with a median household income of $89,456 and a mean household income of $101,795.

25,000+ Rhode Islanders are expected to lose their Medicaid coverage as old standards go back into place

Re: Congressional District seat 2 – Speaker of the House will not run; Cynthia Mendes will not run. Other possible candidates Helena Foulkes, Don Grebien, Maria Rivera, Sandra Cano, Announced at this time are Sabina Matos and Allen Waters. Foulkes is expected to announce early next week.

UPS in RI laying off over 100 people

Cranston St. Armory closing of first of April was extended to mid April – and now the end of April due to lack of other options

Federally owned mail drop boxes (olive green boxes) are tagged with graffiti in Pawtucket but the city says it can’t clean them because they are owned by the federal government

Johnston fitness celebrity and social media content creator Margaret Cresta has been named the ring announcer for the CES Boxing event on March 25 at the Park Theatre

PC out of the NCAA basketball tournament

The RI State Lab that analyzes criminal cases for the presence of certain drugs, specifically cocaine, in this instance, has had inaccuracies and hundreds of samples will be retested.

David Manno has been named new president & CEO of CAPP – Community Action Partnership of Providence County

Newport Hospital is 100 years old this year



South Korea proposes moving from a 52 hour work week to a 69 hour work week

Many companies in the US are moving to a 4 day work week and a 32 hour national definition of working full time

Over 1,000 people rushed the border in El Paso

57% of teen girls now say they experience persistent sadness or hopelessness, related to use of social media

Pfizer to acquire cancer drugmaker Seagen for $43B

Moody’s says they may downgrade 6 banks

META to terminate 15,000 more employees (after 10,000 layoffs), and not filling current openings

Biden approved an oil drilling project in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve, issues separate rules restricting drilling on 13 million other acres of the reserve.

At least 8 died in boats that overturned in San Diego waters – said to be sex trafficked or migrant workers coming to US for work.

Texas is taking over Houston’s school system

Government takes steps to shore up Credit Suisse

The Audubon Society board voted to keep its name, and not change it because of its namesick’s background

The French Bulldog was named the top breed in the US

700K migrants are waiting in Libya for a time to migrate to Italy

The VA will now pay for the new Alzheimers’ drug, Lequembi

Sen. Mitch McConnell is now at a rehab facility, and has left the hospital

US House oversight committee subpoenaed 14 years of financial records with China businesses

Pres. Biden signed an executive order to track, research and acquire firearms, when necessary. 2nd amendment supporters say this will be declared unconstitutional

Tyson will close 2 plants and 1,600 people will lose their jobs

Pres. Biden announced that he has been asked by Pres. Carter to do his eulogy when the time comes.

Lindsay Lohan is expecting her first child

Russia causes crash of US drone worth 10s of millions of dollars

The Biden administration is demanding that TikTok’s Chinese owners sell their stakes in the video-sharing app or face a possible U.S. ban of the app

11 banks will provide $30billion to First Republic to shore it up and show confidence in the American banking system

Poland will give 19 fighter jets to Ukraine

Demonstrations increase in France as the retirement age is raised from 62 to 64, in fear of the retirement system collapsing – 7,000 tons of garbage are piled up, and fires and protests continue

Massive seaweed bloom (not red tide) headed to Florida – non-toxic, though it will have a rotten egg smell and impact popular shore areas of Miami, Ft Lauderdale, etc.

Massive storms in California have raised reservoirs from their drought condition of 25% full to 75% full

The Chinese President will visit the Russian President, at his request

Tik Tok may have been tracking American journalists

Pres. Trump may be indicted in the Stormy Daniels possible payoff matter.

In addition to the 3 American women from Texas who are missing in Mexico, a grandmother is now missing.

Generic ozempic, made by compounding pharmacies, should not be used for weight loss – semagluten is the active ingredient and often compounded with Vitamin B12 – but the company does not sell the active ingredient.

An arrest warrant has been issued by the International Criminal Court for Russian President Putin.

Investigations show at least 4 members of the Biden family received money directly from China.

A terminally ill Connecticut resident will be the first out-of-stater to use the old assisted suicide law in Vermont

In Maine, the increased enrollments in community colleges may result in schools offering housing



Lance Reddick, 60, actor

Pat Schroeder, 82,  women’s rights advocate

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