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In the news… for December 2, 2023


4 electric school buses began running in Providence

Beginning Dec. 1st West Warwick will provide free breakfast and lunch to every child

About 66,000 people in Bristol County are turning to a food pantry for help per month, an increase of 23% from a year ago.

Within 10 years of graduation, 80 percent of Brown students will have pursued some form of graduate school or professional study.

Brown University dropped charges against students who sat-in in the university’s president’s office and would not leave and were arrested.

Construction on Route 95 North in Providence postponed until after the holidays

Arooga’s closes Warwick location

Esquire Magazine names “Gift Horse” Restaurant in downtown Providence as one of the best in America

Textron, based in Providence, will cut 2% of global workforce

Johnson & Wales will now require all undergraduate students to live on-campus for their first three years.

Zillow says Providence has the highest rent of any city in US

Lindsay Graham says migrants should stop being sent to NYC. Instead, send them to the states of legislators who signed letter against border help. “My hope is Gov. Abbott will show the people in RHODE ISLAND, Connecticut, and Oregon, those who signed the letter, what it’s like to have their communities overrun”.

Diamond Baseball Group, which owns over 21% of Major League Baseball’s 120 minor league affiliates, will be the new owner of the WooSox.

The RI Associated Press office has closed – handful of staff will work remotely

Another RI Hospital worker – a 30-year-old female CNA was assaulted assisting a male patient in getting dressed who did not want to leave the hospital – she was hit with a closed fist several times, per local news reporting.

A soccer stadium planned for Everett, MA has hit a snag in regulations

Providence wanting to hire private snow plowers

An emergency clinic at Camp Curtis in Reading, MA has helped 1,700 migrants obtain work authorizations.

The Save RIPTA Coalition advocating for millions in state funding for the state’s bus system, is being advocated for by advocates from the bike lane movement – with Liza Burkin leading the public speaking.

The 49th Annual Nantucket Christmas Stroll is happening this weekend

Central Falls is hiring both firefighters and police officers:

US Naval Academy midshipmen will arrive in Providence for their Army Navy Game accommodations on Fri, 12/8 and will be welcomed by the Gov. and other dignataries at 2:30pm at the AMP.

Providence’s Tree Lighting was held on Friday night – part of Three Nights of Lights, a festival which includes several citywide events, all incorporating the theme of light. Saturday will be a basin WaterFire, with holiday market and Santa. Full programming at:

Providence DPW put on a snow removal demonstration using sand and salt piles at DPW.

Fairlawn, Pawtucket Tree Lighting festivities will be held on Sunday, 12/3, 4-6pm. Tree lighting, Nathaniel Greene chorus, hot chocolate, ccookies, and Santa.

A massive US Air Force C-17 Globemaster is broken down at the Nantucket Airport, after the President’s visit. Too big to be towed away, crews are working on fixing its right engine, in place. Numerous C-17s flew in and out of Nantucket. They are stationed at McGuire Air Force Base in NJ.

RIDOT road signs that had humorous but meaningful messages were removed last year.

1 million seed (juvenile) scallops were stranded on beaches in Nantucket. This is the 3rd such stranding. They were gathered up and returned to deeper water in Nantucket Harbor.

Former RI Police Chief O’Donnell to leave YMCA as its CEO

Boch auto dealerships are being rebranded under the name “Nucar”



Acapulco is still devastated by buildings that need to come down, debris, and garbage after their hurricane direct hit

The New York Public Library will have to pay up to $75,000 in cleanup costs following defacing during a Pro-Palestine protest on Thanksgiving

3 Palestinian students were shot in Vermont. Suspect has been arrested.

Cases of flu rise in the country.

Israel & Hamas extended the truce through Wednesday. 3 Palestinian prisoners are to be freed for every Israeli prisoner, plus aid to Gaza.

On Friday, Dec. 1st, the Israel-Hamas war truce ended – negotiations continue on hostage

Annual Climate Talks coming up – Pres. Biden will not attend

CVS suing the IRS for $400 million in past refunds

Steve Colbert had emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix

White House Christmas decorations displayed with the theme “Magic, Wonder & Joy”

Pres. Biden says this Thanksgiving was the 4th less expensive – and warned retailers about price gouging

Over 10,000 Jewish Americans have gone to Israel to fight in the war

Arden Health Services with hospitals in the south have been hit with a cyberattack and are diverting patients to other hospitals

John Judge of MA has become new CEO of Boy Scouts of America. He has former experience as head of the Appalachian Mountain Club

Google begins to close dormant accounts

Motor vehicles generate nearly a 10th of global CO2 emissions

Mark Cuban will sell majority share of Dallas Mavericks to Adelson family but will maintain decision making – he will also leave Shark Tank after the next season – he has flirted with running for President

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., used the Heimlich maneuver to save fellow Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa from choking at a Senate luncheon

Rep. George Santos expelled from the House of Representatives by vote of 2/3 majority – he has no legal ruling on past charges

The White House has built an ice-skating rink for the public’s children to use in December – the last rink built was in Jimmy Carter’s term

The EPA may begin a program to eliminate lead in public water pipes in US

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has banned ski mask wearing in public places

The WHO wants us to consume less meat due to the impact of methane from animals on the environment

Red Lobster says it lost $11M on its “endless shrimp” promotion



Hector Gauthier, “Happy Hec” voice of WSAR Radio, Fall River

Henry Kissinger, 100, former Sect of State

Tom Larson, 84, Boston Bruins television sports announcer

Charlie Munger, 99, partner with Warren Buffet at Berkshire Hathaway

Sandra Day O’Connor, 93, first woman justice on the US Supreme Court

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