A man wearing glasses and a tie proudly stands in front of a bookcase, symbolizing his affiliation with the Rhode Island Foundation.

In the Arena… as Neil Steinberg leaves The Rhode Island Foundation

Each week Joe Paolino, Jr. talks with leaders in Rhode Island. This week he interviewed Neil Steinberg as he prepares to leave the Rhode Island Foundation after over 15 years as its CEO. He reviews how the Foundation has grown, the groups and causes it has funded, and its direction in the future.

As Steinberg leaves, Congressman David Cicilline prepares to leave Washington and become the CEO of the Rhode Island Foundation.

Steinberg talks about the challenges in Rhode Island, including education, housing, the homeless, and the business culture. We need to be more nimble and act faster – build faster.

Joe asks the question RINewsToday has asked for years – if our population does not change in numbers from year to year (approx. 1 million people), why do we have such a need for housing? Listen for that answer!

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