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In Pawtucket, It’s Electric!

The City of Pawtucket has announced the new additions to the Pawtucket fleet of vehicles that are all electric powered cars. 

Specifically for use for the Pawtucket Zoning Department, these electric cars sport a new “electric” Pawtucket City seal and tag line, “Pawtucket… Driving the Future.” 

“We are excited to have these new vehicles out in our community,” said Mayor Donald R. Grebien. “This is a step forward and it is great for the City to be able to play a part in reducing our carbon footprint.” 

The new vehicles will help the Pawtucket Zoning Department as they address and assess possible zoning violations present in the community. 

“These new energy efficient vehicles will be reliable and will be used in the departments applicable,” continued Grebien. 

The new cars will be distinguishable by their green logo and electric vehicle plates. These five new electric cars will add to the number of gas alternative vehicles which includes three hybrid Ford Explorers for the Pawtucket Fire Department which were purchased in May of 2021. 

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