I want people to know they have rights

by Charles “Chas” Calenda

I want people to know they have rights.

There are many things happening in the fast-paced world we’re all maneuvering. From Executive Orders from the president on down to the governor, there are many issues that question legal parameters. And – there are many rights you have as a business owner, employer, employee, and private citizen. 

Letting people know what their rights are is not encouraging people to break the rules. It’s arming them with information they need to make decisions for themselves.

RI State Police statement on Task Force Hotline

In addressing the new “Task Force” Rhode Island has put together with the State Police, where people are provided a tip line to report crowds and gatherings over the recommended number of people, here’s some free advice for everyone:

Don’t let the “Task Force” on your property without a valid search warrant. Do not give statements to the police no matter what is promised to you. Call your friendly neighborhood attorney for assistance with any penalties assessed to you as a result of the governor’s executive orders. It’s time this nonsense gets stopped in its tracks. The situation now with people being given the formal opportunity to tattle on each other doesn’t foster a sense of community where we work together to address a common foe – the pandemic. Rather, it pits people against each other, and that can foster even bigger problems for those already stressed to the max.

I posted this information on my attorney Facebook page and elsewhere and over 190,000 people have reacted – for, or against what I had to say! That’s what this country is all about. Open debate and saying no to cancel culture and government overreach.

Most importantly – please do not fight with the police if they come to your home. Your case is won in court – not at the time you’re dealing with the police. Most law enforcement officers I know don’t want to be put in the middle of this anymore than you want them there.

Thank you – be smart – be informed – know your rights – and stay safe.

Charles “Chas” Calenda, Criminal Defense Attorney

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