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Hey, baby! Most popular names for Rhode Island babies in 2022

Preliminary List of Top Baby Names in 2022

The Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) is sharing a preliminary list of the most popular baby names in Rhode Island in 2022. 


1. Charlotte 

2. Amelia 

3. Isabella 

4. Olivia 

5. Emma 

6. Luna 

7. Sophia 

8. Ava 

9. Isla 

10. Scarlett and Violet (tie) 



1. Liam 

2. Noah 

3. Owen 

4. Theodore 

5. Oliver 

6. Benjamin 

7. Julian 

8. Luca 

9. Henry 

10. Lucas 

In 2021, the three most popular female names were Olivia, Sophia, and Amelia. The three most popular male names were Liam, Noah, and Julian.  

RIDOH’s Center for Vital Records finalizes the prior year’s birth data by the end of February. 

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