A black and white guinea sitting in a cage.

Gimme’ Shelter – Bessie

Hi there! I was found abandoned 🙁 – a nice human came to rescue me thank goodness! I am a female Guinea Pig around 6 months to a year old.

I have lived with other female pigs before too. I am a little shy but I come out for hay. Please pick me to add to your home!

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About the Providence Animal Control Division

The Providence Animal Control Division protects the health and safety of our residents and their pets with progressive leadership and education, and continues to engage the hearts and minds of the community to help all animals.

As of November 2015, the Animal Control Division has adopted a “low risk euthanasia” philosophy of healthy adoptable animals and will continue to improve the live release rate of shelter animals via adoptions, returning strays to their owners, transferring animals to rescues, TNR, programs/services and treating medical cases. We believe that with progressive programs, we can have a more humane City. Through our Gimme Shelter program, PAC is spaying and neutering owned and feral cats for Providence residents. To participate please send a message through our Facebook page at Providence Animal Care Center.

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