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Gimme’ Shelter: April at Scruffy Paws Animal Rescue

by Elizabeth Cedroni, Scruffy Paws Animal Rescue

Hello, Furiends!

Rain showers, flower blooms, and toe bean floofs mean one thing – April is here!

April is almost three years old and has been at the shelter for over two years!! nWait…what? Yes, she is a beautiful girl who often gets passed over by potential adopters. Why, you ask? We wish we had the answer.

Is it her resting cat face? We swear she isn’t a Mean Girl. She loves being around humans and other cats— she will need another human-friendly, outgoing cat in the home. Is it because she can’t be picked up? She doesn’t like being held for long periods, but tolerates the occasional hug. Does she not like being petted? On the contrary, she prances those floofy feet into a room to get those chin scratches and pets. Wait till you feel how soft her fur is! 

April spends her days lounging in the sun, watching the birds fly by, and playing with her toys and fellow shelter cats. She thrives on routine and would do best in an adult-only home, or with respectful older children. With a bit of time, patience, and a whole lotta love, April continues to blossom!

We encourage interested adopters to fill out an application for April. Once approved, we are happy to schedule a meet-and-greet at the shelter. Scruffy Paws Animal Rescue is not open to the public. Please visit our website at for more information or to fill out an application! 

About Scruffy Paws Animal Rescue

Scruffy Paws Animal Rescue was established in 2017 to help stray cats who were taken into Trap- Neuter-Release (TNR) programs, but found to be tame or tamable, by providing them with a safe place to stay until they could be adopted into loving homes rather than being released back to the rigors of outdoor life. Our philosophy is every cat and kitten deserves a chance to be safe, healthy and loved.

From our humble beginnings as a foster-only program, Scruffy Paws has grown into a rescue, shelter and medical facility, providing cats and kittens saved from the streets with complete veterinary exams, spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, parasite treatments, microchips, ear tips (for feral cats), shelter, food and love.

MORE about Scruffy Paws, HERE!

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