Friday Fishing Tips – Jeff Gross

by Jeffrey Gross, contributing writer

Friday Fishing Tips – Jeff Gross

The impact of Hurricane Ida will affect fishing this coming weekend.  Not only did Ida complicate fishing for you folks this long weekend, this week’s story should be originating out of Belgrade, Maine!  But, Ida threw this writer a sinking fastball… 5.92 inches of rain landed in Tiverton, disrupting a much needed trip to Maine. 

Faulty downspouts appear to be the culprit that poured 1.5″ of water into the basement. Luckily only 1 small train box was damaged as years ago all items on the west wall are in plastic totes.  Clean-up was a pain but the silver lining is the floor received a nice washing that had been overdue. More importantly, 2 emergency calls for help were fielded from lifelong friends.

The silver lining for you folks looking to fish is that the North branch Pawtuxet River in Hope is fishable with the water level high but not overflowing its banks. The Pawtuxet also has a good water clarity so that combined with a significantly lower temperature one may just land a couple of trout. The South branch of the Pawtuxet is in fair shape. As the cover photo shows my neighbor had 2’+ in his front yard so I decided to do a little trout fishing on his front lawn.

The Wood River is another story. Water levels are very high. (normally, the yellow circled trees are completely out of the water). Water clarity is a problem. Expect the same to hold true for the Falls and Flat Rivers. Plus the waters are whisking right along and would be dangerous to wade into. 

Remember, Waders and Hip Boots act like anchors and will drag you under should they fill with water with one wrong step. Stay Safe. The current appears to be too swift for general kayaking, also, as white water was noticed in spots. Looks like the ponds and lakes are the spots to fish this weekend.

So take the weekend and get away from the BS that is swamping us all and drown a few worms or cast a few lines. The weather is supposed to be Fall like.  Take your grandchildren or nieces and nephews as it is the last long weekend before schools and colleges starts just about everywhere. Pack up a picnic basket and take your partner for a romantic sunset fishing trip.  Or give a call to that long lost fishing buddy and say “Hey, wanna go fishing?”

Have a great weekend!


Jeffrey “Jeff” Gross spent 21 years as an Analytical Chemist at the USCG R&D Center in Groton, Connecticut, Woods Hole Laboratories, and Helix Technologies. Changing careers is a “great learning experience for everyone”, Jeff says, and I’m an avid outdoorsman and conservationist, a student of the sciences, and the world. The US holds too many wonders not to take a chance and explore them”.

Jeff is the Model Train and Railroad entrepreneur. Proud Golden Retriever owner. Ultra strong Second Amendment Advocate and Constitutionalist. “Determined seeker of the truth”. 

Jeff is a RIFGPA Legislative and Legal Officer, Freshwater Chairman, NRA Liaison.

His subjects include Outdoors, Second Amendment, Model Railroading, and Whimsical.

He can be reached at: [email protected]

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