Two portraits of a man and a woman with a beard.

Finding Bannister – Historic Walking Tour with Stages of Freedom

Finding Bannister: A Historic Walking Tour of Edward and Christiana Bannister Providence’s Black Victorian Power Couple Saturday, March 25th at 9am. The tour begins at Stages of Freedom, 10 Westminster Street, downtown Providence.

The tour is $18 per person.

Experience the exciting lives, work and sites of Providence artist and visionary Edward, and hair doctress and philanthropist Christiana, with historian Ray Rickman.

For more details: 421-0606

Join Nancy Whipple Grinnell, curator emerita of the Newport (RI) Art Museum, explores Bannister’s upbringing, his marriage to Christiana Carteaux, the challenges he faced as a Black artist, his relationships with his colleagues at the Providence Art Club, his connection to the Barbizon School of Painting, and more.