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Cranston Councilor Germain’s resignation charges get swift response, call for investigation


In response to RINewsToday’s article on the sudden resignation of Cranston City Councilor Aniece Germain, and her accusations, the Cranston Republican Committee issued a call for an investigation. Germain’s charges, among several:

“The president of the [Cranston City] Council and the Chairwoman of the [Cranston Democratic] Party met with me and assumed that I did something wrong. They gave me an ultimatum whether I resign or she will hold public hearings on the matter to humiliate me and my children. This is an inside job to get me out and put their cronies. Cranston Democrats’ leadership plotted to primary me and because they know they can’t beat me in a primary they use the[se] issues to get me out of the way. I could resist and fight and wait for public hearings but my children are too small to go through this. I did not want to put them [to go] through it so I resigned against my will.”

This announcement was received from John Colasante, Cranston Republican Party Chairperson:


Also, Cranston Mayor Kenneth Hopkins, issued this statement:


“The recent revelations concerning Councilwoman Germain’s resignation are troubling.  It is clear that the Cranston Democratic leadership wanted to replace her on the city council even before this November’s election.

We have elections to give voters a choice for their elected representatives.  In this case, Aniece was re-elected in 2022 as the Ward 2 representative on the city council.  When steps are taken to drive her off of the city council, it is the Ward 2 voters who lose out on their choice.

There should be a full airing of these serious allegations and the participants should come forward to explain their roles.

As to John Colasante’s call for the council president to step down while this is being investigated, that is an issue for Jessica Marino and the remaining members of the City Council.

While I did not always agree with Councilwoman Germain on some policy issues, I respected her passion and advocacy.  I wish her and her family well.”


Councilwoman Germain was asked to confirm her employment and she responded:

“My husband is [a] full time Math professor. He works in Connecticut and in Rhode Island. [He] holds a PhD in Engineering. I graduated with a Masters degree from Boston College in 2022…. I am a full time World Language teacher. I teach French to grade level 9-12. The organization [Hope and Change for Haiti] is volunteer work.”


Councilwoman Germain released screenshots of text messages she received from Jesse Dolan regarding her decision to run again or resign from office. She asked that they be made public. Notably, Dolan had also provided text messages, which RINewsToday did not print in the previous article.

From Germain:

Sent by Dolan:


Yesterday’s article on the resignation and accusations made by Cranston Councilperson Aniece Germain:

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