Feb 3 2024

How to read a Supreme Court case: 10 tips for non-lawyers – Rhode Island Current

by Ilisabeth S. Bornstein, for the Rhode Island Current Reprinted with permissions from the Rhode Island Current From gun rights ...

Feb 3 2024

Business Beat: US Attorney Cunha appoints Kevin Love Hubbard, Chief, Civil Division

U.S. Attorney Zachary A. Cunha announced today that he has appointed Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Love Hubbard to serve as ...

Jan 29 2024

AARP and RISD showcase ADU concepts and designs on Smith Hill – by Herb Weiss

by Herb Weiss, contributing writer on aging issues During a 45-minute press conference held Thursday in the Library of the ...

Jan 29 2024

Updated: Cranston GOP leaders unify support for Mayor Hopkins. Fenton-Fung, Hopkins rebuttals.

Updates: areas in red: Cranston's GOP leadership and officials have written to Rep. Barbara Ann Fenton-Fung, who has announced she ...

Jan 28 2024

In The Arena: Joe Paolino Jr. talks with Dr. Michael Wagner, Care New England

Each week Joe Paolino Jr. talks with leaders in the state of Rhode Island about issues of the day. This ...
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Jan 27 2024

In the News… summary for January 27, 2024

RHODE ISLAND & VICINITY Like No Udder vegan “ice cream” will close due to an eviction notice, and is looking ...

Jan 24 2024

ADUs at RI State House: See RISD designs of Accessory Dwelling Units. Hearing to follow.

On Thursday, January 25th, starting at 3pm, it will be ADU Day at the Rhode Island State House. Starting with ...

Jan 23 2024

Living with an East Rhode Island, West Rhode Island state of mind – as we wait

Photo, top: RIDOT What we know: We learned much about what is happening with the Washington Bridge in one day ...

Jan 22 2024

The RI Budget proposal, as seen by our fastest growing demographic. Seniors (updated) – Herb Weiss

By Herb Weiss, contributing writer on aging issues (See update in red, below) This Tuesday, Jan. 16th, Governor Dan McKee officially kicked ...

Jan 22 2024

ACLU RI report: All Rhode Island city/town Council, School Committee public comment policies

The ACLU of Rhode Island released a report detailing the written public comment policies of every city and town council and school ...