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Back to your youth at Smithfield Classic Cars & Auto Sales

Dave MacDonald got the car “bug” from his father, Arthur, whom he worked side-by-side with on fixing classic cars. It was the start of a lifetime of enjoying, collecting, buying and selling vintage vehicles. He has collected dozens of cars over several decades. There is something about rebuilding such cars and seeing how they run and the reactions from other collectors that gives him a rush.

Growing up, the father-and-son team worked on and drove a 1931 Model A Car. They would buy the parts needed by selling other classic cars. Dave said he loves most cars, but he really enjoys BMWs and Ford pickups.

Fast forward to today. Dave still wants to help fuel his passion and aid others with their antiques. That is his main reason for opening Smithfield Classic Cars & Auto Sales, where he and his growing staff buy, sell and fix up cars and trucks from yesteryear.

While his love of classic cars like Ford Pickups continues, David said there was another inspiration for opening up the business.

“My wife would wonder why I bought another car! I figured if I wanted to keep collecting cars, then I might as well open up a shop to buy and sell them,” he said.

Located on Rte. 7 (specifically at 278 Douglas Pike, about one mile from Rte. 295) in Smithfield, the shop was once a Texaco Gas Station. When the property became available, MacDonald jumped at the opportunity.

The lot has roughly 30 antiques ready to view and purchase. The cars were made from the 1950s into the 1970’s. Dave said these are the hallmark decades for such classic vehicles. He said cars back then housed high-powered engines that exuded maximum power. That would be the norm until the early 1970s, when the nationwide gas shortage paved the way for newer, fuel-efficient cars. Changes in decreasing engine power in 1972 signaled the end of manufacturing high horse- powered cars.

Certain types of vehicles are considered more appealing and in demand by collectors. MacDonald said older two-door Coopes are more in vogue than its four-door version. Mustangs from the 1960s and 1970s, Chevelles and Cutlasses are also highly sought after.

What constitutes a classic car? According to MacDonald, how pristine does the vehicle look? Does it have signs of rust, dents, scratches or failing framework? What does the odometer tell the buyer? How much work and restoration had been done? These details are important toward determining its true worth.

As for Dave’s growing classic car collection, one can either find him involved with on-line auctions or attending live events. As with any auction or sale, he has an eye for what may be attractive for his clients.

“I may find something that appeals to me, but I usually find cars that someone I know would be interested in buying,” he said. “At smaller events, I have a good idea which dealers are reputable and who to stay away from. However, it gets harder at larger events to do that. There is only so much you can see or do to make the purchase happen.”

For those cars that may not be up to snuff, it provides the opportunity to fix it up to acceptable standards. It also means his antenna is heightened the next time he shops for new purchases.

Like the cars of the past, some 1980’s cars such as the Camaro, BMW’s, Mercedes and other muscle cars are now considered vintage. Those were iconic vehicles of the time that are poised for a comeback or possibly become increasingly valuable, he said.

For those who do not possess the liquid funds, Smithfield Classic Cars works with multiple financing companies geared toward collectors. They offer competitive rates for those invested in the classics.

Smithfield Classic Cars Chief Mechanic, Steve Durand, has numerous years in working on classic cars. He previously worked at many dealerships and loves his cars. Smithfield Classic Cars offers mechanical repairs on your classic car also.

The company is seeking a part-time salesperson to cover Saturdays and several weekdays. It’s a chance to learn more about the business and work with other like-minded enthusiasts.

Smithfield Classic Cars & Auto Sales is opened weekdays from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

For more details about the facility, including scheduling car care appointments and  applying for the Sales position, please call Dave at 508-776-0593 or email him at [email protected]. Further awareness of the company may found by visiting their website at

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