Dr. Ellen Frankel

Aug 6 2019

“Skin Care Pearls” with Dr. Ellen Frankel

"Protect your birthday suit...use sunblock daily!" “Skin Care Pearls” with Dr. Ellen Frankel By Dr. Ellen Frankel We welcome Dr. ...
Patricia Glynn-Olson

Aug 1 2019

A Reading From Pat – It’s August 1, 2019

How about that "Living Bucket List"? A Reading From Pat - It’s August 1, 2019 by Pat Glynn-Olson Hello everyone, can ...
Patricia Glynn-Olson

Jul 3 2019

July – with Patricia Glynn Olson – The Futurist

July? Just remember to laugh. July - with Patricia Glynn Olson - The Futurist Hello, everyone, and welcome to summer! It ...

Jun 30 2019

Providence School Condition Shocked Alums Into Action

We believe that some stories have the power to impact change; this may prove to be one In collaboration with ...

Jun 26 2019

Providence Schools Report is out – and it’s shocking

"I wasn't surprised," said Infante-Green. "But I didn't know that it was this bad. It is heartbreaking to see how ...
RI News Today

Jun 25 2019

Fireworks all around Rhode Island

Celebrate! The land of the free...the home of the brave... Fireworks all around Rhode Island Reprinted courtesy: RI Central Chamber ...

May 16 2019

The Origin of The Doctor Broad: A Mafia Love Story

by Barbara H. Roberts, MD It was Sunday, April 5, 1981. I was making rounds on my patients at the ...
Donna M Hughes, PhD

Mar 19 2019

Strategies to Decriminalize Prostitution

So far, approaches have failed - multiple times. Advocates of decriminalized prostitution are trying different strategies to legalize the sex ...