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Aug 20 2021

GriefSpeak: Looking in the rear-view mirror – Mari Nardolillo Dias

By: Mari Nardolillo Dias Looking in the rear-view mirror- Caution objects may be closer than they appear “I must go ...

Aug 13 2021

GriefSpeak: Acute grief and numb reality – Mari Nardolillo-Dias

By: Mari Nardolillo-Dias “Life changes in an instant. The ordinary instant” (Joan Didion) Many of you may be familiar with ...

Aug 6 2021

GriefSpeak: Don’t Hold Your Breath – Mari Nardolillo-Dias

By: Mari Nardolillo-Dias “The Art of Life is the most distinguished and rarest of all the arts”. (C.G.Jung) When we ...

Jul 28 2021

GriefSpeak: A letter to my brother – Mari Nardolillo-Dias

By: Mari Nardolillo-Dias “I did it my way” (written by Claude Francoise and Jacques Revaux, English interpretation by Paul Anka, sung by Frank Sinatra).   A ...

Jul 23 2021

GriefSpeak: The Scavenger Hunt – Mari Dias

By: Mari Dias, contributing writer on grief and grieving “My Memories are a funny thing, they still remember you, Like ...

Jul 16 2021

GriefSpeak: We are all living and dying – Mari Dias

By: Mari Dias, contributing writer “Shadows are fallin’ and I’m running out of breath Keep me in your heart for ...

Jul 9 2021

GriefSpeak: Grief is Color Blind – Dr. Mari Dias

by Dr Mari Dias, contributing writer "Privilege:  Having the rare opportunity to do something that brings particular pleasure.” Grief has ...

Jul 2 2021

GriefSpeak: Time – by Mari Dias

by Dr. Mari Dias, contributing writer “We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they’re called memories. Some ...

Jun 25 2021

GriefSpeak: As told by Mercy – Interpreted by Mari Dias

Dog Park Confessions By Dr. Mari Dias, contributing writer It’s true. We dogs grieve all of the same emotions that ...

Jun 20 2021

GriefSpeak: Waiting for Dad – Dr. Mari Dias

By: Dr. Mari Dias “If there is any immortality to be had among us human beings, it is certainly only ...