Artist Workshop at Sprout, Providence

Artists have the opportunity on Saturday, February 1st, from 12:30 to 5:30pm to participate in Urban Wildlife Workshop “Making Science Visual”.

This workshop is for visual artists interested in creating new work relevant to their community and the creatures living there. The methodology for this workshop was created by Creature Conserve artists, writers, and scientists with a specific objective: to foster more interaction between the visual arts and the living creatures that inhabit the world. We hope to inspire work that is both informed by science and emotionally charged. 

Artists in this workshop will find inspiration for new work from among the myriad scientific facts about the lives of wild animals in urban areas. Through a series of exercises, artists will practice making science – biology, urban ecology, zoology -visual. Skills practiced include active listening, note taking, idea generation, and thumbnail sketching.

Taught by Creature Conserve artist scholars Sophy Tuttle and Jess Porzukcek, and artist and Board Member Samantha Dempsey. Facilitated by the founder of Creature Conserve, Dr. Lucy Spelman. Open to visual artists, all genres.

Workshop is limited to 14 participants. Scholarship funds available. This half-day workshop takes place at Sprout Co-Working in Providence and includes light refreshments.


Workshop Fee: $30 

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