A stunning photography of a blue water droplet immersed in water.

ART! To the river, at Gilbert Stuart Museum – Herman Brewster

Herman Brewster is a Rhode Island photographer. These photos are the result of his yearly visit to the Gilbert Stuart Museum and the river that flows out of Carr Pond through the property and under Gilbert Stuart Road into Pettaquamscutt River.

Brewster says, “The river is my primary reason for the visit. Every visit produces different abstract images produced by the light and the river’s current. The river has become my favorite subject.”


Herman Brewster enjoys photographing the beauty of Rhode Island. He has been a contributor, donating photographs to the Art Connection since 2015. He has volunteered on the Pawtucket City Photo Contest, that results in the popular City of Pawtucket Calendar. Brewster says, “I capture the environment. Water ripples, reflects and changes with the light and the aperture. The water in front of Gilbert Stuart Museum is shallow and gives the camera something new to see each time I visit.”

He holds a BA degree in Psychology from Southern University and MAT in English from Brown University. He was a counselor at the Department of Corrections and an English teacher in the Providence School Department before he retired in 2014.

One of his photographs was chosen for publication in 2017 by Cardthartic Cards. He takes great pleasure in having his photographs chosen by nonprofits, and sharing art with the community is very important to him.

To see more photographs by Brewster, in the Discover Beautiful Rhode Island series at RINewsToday, go to:


  1. Bobbi on August 8, 2023 at 11:09 am

    How wonderful, Herman, to see your sensitive and beautiful nature photos on this wider platform!
    Thank you for sharing; may many more people have this opportunity to enjoy them.