An ART enthusiast standing in front of paintings in an art gallery.

ART! Rachel Brask – “Overcoming Grief” at Wanskuck Library

Rachel Brask will speak about her art and “Overcoming Grief & Developing the Art Business” on Thursday September 28th, 2023 at 5:30PM at the Wanskuck Library, 233 Veazie Street, Providence.

The event is free and open to the public.

Rachel Brask is a contemporary abstract expressionist painter of rainy days. Brask’s reimagined oil landscapes express the abstracted calm, chaos and contemplation of rainy days. She’s exhibited in solo, invitational, and juried shows around New England, in Italy, and with work in private collections across the US, in Italy and the UK, and has earned several awards and distinctions.

She’s been artist-in-residence in Maine, Cape Cod, North Carolina, and Ontario, Canada. She creates original oil paintings, commissions, teaches private art lessons and workshops. Her studio is in East Providence, RI.

As one collector said, Rachel “…explores the fluidity of paint by creating scintillating veils of thin color that cascade down her canvases…References to a world beyond are hinted at beyond the rainbow of hues that shimmer on the surface.”

About Rachel Brask:

“While many see rainy days as gloomy, I see rain as necessary for new life, pause, and renewal. I paint rainy abstracted impressions of land, sky, sea, and seasons to show new perspectives on finding tranquility and beauty in dark and stormy times. I see how sheets of pouring raindrops distort scenes beyond, blending colors and shapes together to drip down glass. Colors seem more saturated in rain, and the storm interrupts everything.

After I create detailed pointillism landscapes, I use gravity, stand-oil, and a brush to wipe them out, leaving a flawed and uniquely unpredictable outcome, that I then reshape into something embracing imperfect beauty and calm. I take on the changes that come from working intensely on editing and blending the remaining drips and paint smudges, returning to the canvas every hour or two, over the course of days, to react and adjust to how the paint has shifted.

My process embraces the contrasting elements of attempting control while letting go. In today’s increasingly chaotic and uncertain world, I want a person to be able to look through my rainy day “windows” and find a peaceful, contemplative moment, to take space to breathe and reflect. Our experience in the storm deepens our experience of sunny days.”

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