ART! Color inspires, energizes, and soothes our homes. Artist Larisa Martino, at RI Home Show

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Learn more about original Art for residential and commercial spaces at the RI Home Show 2024 from April 4th to 7th at the RI Convention Center in Providence. Larisa Designs, an art boutique-style business serving your art needs – BLING FOR WALLS!

Larisa Martino will be at the RI Home Show with her art, discussing the use of color in art in our homes and where we spend our time.

The Home Show is Southern New England’s biggest Home Show. Also featured at the Show are: The Energy Expo, Garden Experience, Inspiration Showcase, new House of Brews, & the RI Flower Show, including hundreds of exhibitors with home trends and services.

Color Therapy Seminar

Join Larisa Martino for an educational exploration into the “Color Therapy for the Home” presentation, where she will “unravel the impact of color on our living spaces”. 

Delve into the direct links between color and mood, productivity, and relaxation across different areas of our homes. From discovering how specific hues enhance productivity in home offices to creating vibrant atmospheres in living and dining spaces, this presentation offers practical insights into crafting harmonious living environments. Attendees should be prepared to “uncover the transformative potential of color and learn how to harness it to inspire, energize, and soothe your home”.

Saturday, April 6, 5 -5:45 pm
Sunday, April 7, 2 -2:45 pm

About Larisa

Larisa Martino was born, raised, and educated in Central Asia (a former part of the USSR).  Larisa graduated from the University of Textile Industry (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) in 1993 with BS in Design and Art. Larisa came to the U.S.A. in 1995. She worked in the business world for several years while raising a young family before deciding to go back to her true passion: Art.

Larisa is primarily an easel painter. Her art style is focusing on fantasy themes, illustrative ideas, and fashion sketches in acrylics, ink pen, oil pastels, color pencils, fabrics, faux finishes, and often a combination of the above for different effects. Recently, Larisa started creating artworks in abstract style for office and residential spaces. Her art has appeared in numerous galleries including international gallery in Miami, FL, Natick, MA, Rhode Island galleries and graces the walls of many private residences and commercial spaces.

Contact the artist at: [email protected]

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