An aerial view of the ocean with the words all that.

“All That” – see the latest Rhode Island tourism campaign – what say you?

Rhode Island Commerce debuted the state’s new tourism marketing campaign, “All That.” With the intention of driving tourist occupancy throughout the Ocean State and bringing revenue into communities, the integrated marketing campaign “showcases Rhode Island’s vast offerings and diversity for travelers” the announcement says.

With the theme of “All That”, the campaign is a series of 5 videos highlighting that Rhode Island is a state of firsts; a state of game changers, inventors, icons, rebels; Rhode Island is historic, scenic, and delectable.

The video, below, shows all five videos and explains their goal:

The campaign will be featured nationally and in select markets through a combination of social, digital and broadcast advertisements, boasting visuals of the state’s many iconic landmarks, decadent culinary landscape, nearly 400 miles of New England coastline as well as picturesque scenes of a selection of the state’s outdoor activities.

“All That” will kick off with The Jennifer Hudson Show, to bring traveling to the Ocean State into the national spotlight. Visit Rhode Island will be the first tourism corporation to partner with the show in launching a tourism marketing campaign.

“Tourism is one of our state’s largest economic drivers, though it’s our residents, who continue to show up offering best-in-class experiences, that propel us forward as an internationally acclaimed destination,” said Governor Dan McKee. “This campaign is not only a testament to what makes Rhode Island ‘All That’ but also a testament to our community that refuses to be anything but extraordinary.”

“Our new marketing campaign is an open invitation to explore the vast, diverse experiences we offer, proving that Rhode Island truly embodies ‘all that’ and more,” said Secretary of Commerce Liz Tanner.

Anika Kimble-Huntley, Chief Marketing Officer for Rhode Island Commerce. “Now, looking ahead [after the pandemic], it’s time we let people know that our state is “All That,” and today we can say this with confidence.”

The announcement says Rhode Island, the Ocean State, is packed with beaches and fresh-from-the-ocean seafood that travelers have come to know and love, but it is also full of public art, lavish and historical mansions, charming villages, farms, breweries and wineries, and winding trails, and is “artistic, rebellious, historic and modern, welcoming and diverse”.

What did we notice? What is missing?

We noticed an outward focus on people, and reactions, rather than an inward focus on details of experiences. Fast paced music makes multiple watching important to catch any sort of detail at all, except the subliminal impression the spots give.

What’s in?

Newport Mansions – Roger Williams Park – sailing – kayaking – fishing – biking – more biking – more sailing – drinking beer – eating – being young! There’s even a hotel on Block Island that burned to the ground. An emphasis on Providence and Newport. And laughing – lots of laughing.

What’s not in?

Conceptually and intentionally, very specific tourism events that draw tens of thousands to the “Ocean State” are not in the videos – no Waterfire, our #1 draw. Other events missing? Art! Except for a fast snippet of a giant building mural – but no Wickford Art Festival – or Scituate Art Festival. 100,000+ people come to Rhode Island for RI Comic Con – right? Fall festivals. Brown University – Providence College basketball – URI? RISD? All those parents looking for an enhanced college experience? And maybe it’s just us – but older people, people with disposable income and time on their hands – are noticably absent – the one white haired man with a short beard appears as a nod to “seniors” and another grey haired vibrant, laughing lady. And where is Taylor Swift’s house? Might have even tossed in the Flying Carousel, in Watch Hill, too.

We get it – videos and campaigns that tout the state are sitting ducks for critiques. And with creatives coming into the state from Florida to do this, we’d like to think they put their impressions of coming here as a tourist into the effort – if so, we can respect what captured them the most, and in hindsight, and motivate them to return?

We – Rhode Islanders – are severe critics – and defensive – and have a good degree of “Cooler and Warmer” PTSD. So – let us know what YOU think!

What do you think about the new videos? Leave us your comment below. Comments appear after approval, usually within an hour. If you get an error message, just ignore it, your message has been recorded.

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  1. Paul O’Brien on February 22, 2024 at 3:23 pm

    All that traffic ‘
    All that filth on Highway
    All that crime!
    All that scheming
    All that lies
    With “ all that” I think I’ll by pass “ all that” and travel elsewhere!!!!!

  2. scott nerney on February 22, 2024 at 12:52 pm

    I really could really do without the rap music in the longer video, it’s so not RI. And yes, what’s not ALL THERE? The parades, Waterfire, Revolutionary History, Museums, Gondolas and so much more. Leaving in the building that burnt down is just as bad as cooler/warmer showing a European location. It looks like all we do is sit around drinking and eating.

  3. Gail Harvey on February 22, 2024 at 12:07 pm

    I think it’s pretty darn good and “All that” slogan brilliant…understand there could be more but spots are limited and edits picked for biggest impact.

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