A Reading from Pat – September 1, 2019

The Futurist gives us her thoughts on September…

A Reading from Pat – September 1, 2019

By Patricia Glynn-Olson, The Futurist

Well everyone, I do hope I am not the only one who felt the summer went by in a blink! 

As September opens my key phrase is going to sound conflicting – save your money but start your Christmas shopping early. All my senses are telling me that the world as a whole may have great confusion happening in the next few months throwing people and things off and our holiday merriment may not quite feel the norm. So, shopping and the excitement of what to get for whom should begin NOW. Money should be spent wisely, not frivolously, not this year. Now I am not saying doom and gloom, just saying spend cautiously please.

Rhode Island does feel like it is going to have an influx of commercial contracts coming into the state in the next few months which will bring a good number of job hiring opportunities. Not just labor jobs, but white collar as well. That is always great for the economy. It feels like some old land forgotten about is going to be brought back to life and a once booming “town” will be booming as well!

This past month felt like so much stress on so many people, left over from the eclipse and shadow of the retrogrades (5 all at once, including Mercury), which is why everyone had such a rough time of it. So, now, you can breathe a bit easier for a little while. It is a bit cooler out, clearly heading to Fall, although I do believe a longer than normal “Indian Summer” in October then drop to cooler temps.

Cooler, brisk weather always puts everyone in a happier state of mind. I believe it is a precursor to the excitement of holiday fever. Guessing that is why we all look forward to it so much.

Despite the confusion of the world this fall and winter, keep your own little corner of the world a safe and happy place by taking the time to tell your loved ones how you feel about them. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone of us. Never let anyone you love wonder how you feel. Let them know how much you appreciate them, love them, how they make your world a better place. ‘Break that silent wall ‘ with loved ones so they will know how we feel. The ‘gift of knowing’ is priceless.

If you would like more information about what is coming into your future, email me to set up a private phone reading.

Blessings to all of you as this Fall begins and please remember to drive safely as children are back to school. And, of course, do not text while driving.

Pat Glynn-Olson