Social Distance Trout Fishing

When COVID-19 entered the USA, the virus disrupted a lot. Severely impacted, and currently unnecessary, is Social Distance Trout Fishing. Social Distance Trout Fishing was a compromise created by the RI DEM between the over-reaching Governor and constitutionalists – like this writer. 

Worse yet, for the first time in history trout fishermen were limited to what days they can fish. Those with their last names beginning with the letter A, through M can fish on even number days; N through Z, are for odd numbered days. People with A-M have been severely restricted as the weather has been horrible on even days. Just happened that way. If it hasn’t been raining, the winds are hurricane force. Forget about using a fly rod. 

While fishing people are Social Distancing, the result is the ponds and streams are noisier as a result of people yelling to each other to converse! Trout are biting off and on, and usually people will catch one or two. On the trips this writer has taken so far, no more than a pair were caught each day. A friend, Tom Joyal, has had better luck than me, as shown in the picture with the silver canoe. The water temps are still frigid so hopefully the trout bite will increase as the water temperature warms. The trout are there, they are just uncooperative. Last night I had more than one trout eyeing my worm but would not offer any other interest than that.

On a different note: Hopefully people will start cleaning up after themselves or guys like me will police them, as rubber gloves as litter is unacceptable. Actually, litter of any kind is unacceptable. The local bait shops like Sandy Bottom Bait and Tackle, and Quaker Lane Bait and Tackle are requesting their customers to police the area and clean up after themselves.

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