Saving Christopher!?

Sigh…the Christopher Columbus statue in the Elmwood area of Providence was struck again by vandals with red paint. This time, the deep red paint was on the bottom of the statue and was not accompanied by any written message. Within a short time, the Providence DPW people were busy power spraying off the damage. 

Spotted first by Bill Bartholomew who put the photo seen here on Twitter early this morning.

Mayor Polisena of Johnston reiterated his offer to receive the statue for the public park where it would be protected. He has already figured out a way to get it from Providence to Johnston at no cost to either city.

Then Cranston’s Mayor Fung jumped in with his offer to keep the statue safe in Cranston, saying that the acts of destruction were unacceptable.

Talk show hosts rallied all day – some said light it and put cameras on it and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.  Others said ignore it, don’t talk about it, just clean it off, and wait for the next time – and then nab them.

Mayor Elorza’s comment?  This is a time to stay on the path to put together a study commission – as yet undefined and its members unknown – to talk about the statue and others in the city and what they represent and what to do about them all.

The last word last night was heard from Mayor Fung who said: “I know I’m going to have to arm wrestle Mayor Polisena for it, but Cranston has a safe spot for the statue in Knightsville.

What say you?

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